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E-Commerce and Internet fraud.

What is E-Commerce Fraud? E-Commerce fraud is when someone steals personal payment information on the Internet. One example is credit card information theft. Most of this type of fraud has been mainly happening online and incidents like these are growing every year. The table below from Statista shows how many billions of U.S. dollars are expected to be lost in the United States by credit card fraud from 2012 to 2018. The blue area displays CNP data which stands for “card not present.” This means a payment or purchase was made without having the actual card in your hand. Most of these situations occur online where credit card data is saved on websites. When someone uses a credit card at a store in person, they are usually asked to show identification such as a driver’s license or state ID. Verifying identity online is a lot harder than in person. As long as someone has the card information, they can use that card without proving the identity. Most websites have security questions, however, if someone has stolen your info, they might easily know the answers to those questions. This is why CNP crimes are easier for criminals and why they continue to grow each year. By comparing the CNP data from 2012 with that of 2018, you will see that dollar loss is expected to grow from 2.6 [...]

What is cannabis fraud?

If you expect to have a cannabis fraud prevention plan, you need to first understand how fraud works in the cannabis world.   In the five years since Uruguay first legalized marijuana in 2013, the plant has seen more acceptance globally. From 2 countries legalizing its cultivation in Africa, to 30 U.S. states legalizing its medical use and 8 its recreational use, its presence is spreading. On June 19th, 2018 legalized cannabis saw major progress when it was signed into law in Canada. Canada is now the second country to have legalized the plant. It is expected to bring in an estimate of $7 billion within its first year. In the US alone, legal marijuana is already a $10 billion industry. But wherever the money flows, fraud will follow. Fraud is found throughout the cannabis industry. To understand cannabis fraud, you need to understand the cannabis supply chain. The supply chain is the entire life cycle of a product from conception to being purchased. A cannabis fraud event can occur at any point within the supply chain. The graphic below shows the three main phases of the cannabis supply chain. As a plant, the cannabis supply chain begins at the farm level where it is grown. It then moves into the processing of the plant to finally making its way into the hands of consumers through [...]

The emerging consumer frauds of the US-Mexico Border “Crisis”

“It’s a real story riven with fraud scams, fake news, and an enduring false narrative”. According to the latest US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports, immigrants/refugees crossing into the USA are now at an all-time high level. In the month of May 2019, 144,278 refugees, including children, were arrested and detained. This data was provided by Border Patrol and Border Protection and was declared as a historic off the chart figure. It is morally impossible for any mindful person to ignore the ongoing tragedy on the US - Mexico border. People migrate for various reasons but mostly to find a better life, and migration has been around since before there were any borders. For the first few hundred years, it has been mostly positive as the US embraced the diversity of people who became the most powerful vision and the driving brand of this young nation. With the rise of the military and industrial complex and personal wealth, random xenophobia combined with isolationist policies caused friction within the country, especially at the borders. Mass migration always comes with the high risk of becoming a deadly humanitarian crisis riven with fraud scams, fake news, and an enduring false narrative. The US is known to welcome immigrants with open arms. However, when people enter illegally and some with a criminal agenda, the country has to toughen up [...]

Life lessons from a degenerate poker player.

There was a period in my life when I was very loyal to the game of poker. My interest in the game peaked one “after” morning when I realized my commitment was well down the road to that of a degenerate gambler. This was something of a crisis because I was on a major winning streak at the time. The thought did not sit well, especially for the unwelcome choices it created. Reality surely does bite!   About seven years earlier, with just a passing knowledge of the game, I decided that I wanted to become a skilled poker player and with that, I started playing the small shady games around Dublin. As my game developed, I expanded my horizons, played and won many tournaments including the Omaha Irish Open in 1990 and made it to several final tables in many other international tournaments.   My real skill was developed and honed to precision in cash games, particularly in Omaha which is considered to be the “crack cocaine” of poker games. There were several years of 3 day/2 night trips to the Victoria Casino in London to play the cash game there and then following the big bucks to the Aviation Club de France for another year or so, all very profitable.   What’s not so blissful about all of this are the angst, discipline and [...]

8 things to know about telemarketing fraud.

Is this the first or last step in privacy abuse? Once upon a time, the ring of the telephone signaled a call from a loved one or dear friend. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Many phone calls are now met with anxiety and even dread instead of anticipation and joy. For a lot of folks, fraud prevention is a huge concern when taking a call nowadays. Telemarketers and their automated robocall systems are the main perpetraitors. These money-hungry hustlers come from “legitimate” businesses and fraud set-ups. Every major city in the world has its fraud boiler rooms, many favoring the telephone as their mass market access point. Rows and rows of cubicle desks with workers packed in like battery hens laying eggs. They really are a pestilence! You will never meet a person who says, “Today I received a robocall that made my day.” This industry thrives off of irritating or conning people and it is always raising its ugly little game. In one month, from March to April 2018, robocalls skyrocketed by almost one billion calls in the USA. According to YouMail, a robocall blocking service, the USA saw 3.4 billion robocalls in April 2018 alone. That’s 10 robocalls per person per month. These calls affect anyone at any time. The impact of these intrusions can range from ruining precious time with family to impeding on a medic's ability [...]

More than just words…or lose these two words for a higher quality of life!

  Where I come from, using what’s generally referred to as “foul” language or swearing is normal, so much so that one of my childhood memories is as I was leaving Church one Sunday morning commenting, “I’m (expletive) glad that’s over” to which my Aunt coming from behind articulated herself with a cuff on my ear; “mind your (expletive) language”! However I may have thrived by my personal love of language since or how often I write something, I often used the exact same phrase when my own children use “bad” language and they laugh at it, understanding my true desire is to have them understand that such language may not be deemed socially acceptable by some people or in some places. One of the results of this is that there are other words that are in everyday use which have a much greater negativity. What this really means is those who elect themselves as our betters have a list of words that should not be used socially and when they are, automatically define the user as a socially and/or intellectually inferior person, the lowest common social denominator or just “common”. Using such language in some places will make you unwelcome. Ultimately as far as the modern English language goes, many of these words are junk or obsolete and really have little or no relevance or [...]

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