It’s a natural next step for one of the most sophisticated professions in the world!

No one wakes up in the morning with fraud prevention on their mind. Yet, it is an urgent need in today’s climate of rampant and evasive fraud. Here are 9 reasons why, in no order of merit, people need a fraud prevention course.


  1. Fraud continues to grow and expand internationally.

The scale of global fraud has increased substantially. It has made its prevention a new and very broad science. All sciences require a primer or introduction—the first step in a knowledge journey. FP101 is designed to be an introduction to the subject of fraud. It’s not enough to cover the topic in its entirety but it is an excellent start. At the very least, participants will walk away knowing how to detect fraud and how to protect themselves. At best, they will be intrigued to continue exploring the topic through self or advanced study.

  1. Most fraud prevention programs are hard to understand.

The language of modern day fraud prevention is only understood by a minority. This is because it uses industry-specific language from being born out of professions like accounting, forensic science, and law enforcement. These professions, like many, require a mastery of terminology and a high school or college reading level. Thus, when dealing with the science behind modern fraud that is the language level used. Most people in the US do not understand written language higher than the 8th grade. Understanding this, FP101 was written at a readability score (Flesch-Kincaid) suitable for the 6th grade. The course is further enhanced by animations and graphics to aid in the clearest absorption of the subject in a short amount of time. FP101 has a three-hour running time. Those who live with fraud know this is a small commitment in exchange for a huge gain.

  1. Fraud prevention education is typically very expensive.

The average cost of any worthwhile fraud or crime prevention education can run into the thousands. It takes lots of time, brain power, finance, discipline, and commitment. Until now, there was no basic entry level product out there. If fraud prevention is going to expand into the mass market, as it needs to, a short introductory course such as FP101 is vital. Fraud impacts everyone, it should, therefore, be explained from a perspective that everyday people can relate to. That’s what FP101 does.


  1. Most people do not report fraud crime.

According to several consumer, government and educational institutions, 95% of fraud is not reported. This is now generally accepted by most professionals working in crime prevention. Some reasons for low reportage is because people don’t know how to recognize fraud or deal with it. Shame and embarrassment play a factor too. The thriving MLM fraud business model supports this fact very effectively. With FP101, participants will walk away with a solid footing on the basics of fraud.


  1. Having background knowledge helps fraud prevention professionals and their clients.

Any good teacher will tell you that it is easier for students to learn when they have background knowledge. It’s the same idea behind practicing a sport before trying out for the team. Imagine how difficult it would be for coaches to have to teach all about a sport during tryouts. Explaining fraud to clients can be a daunting task for fraud prevention specialists. It takes a lot of time and it would be more efficient if there was a way to brief people on the basics beforehand. What would you prefer? A client with a basic grounding in fraud or someone you have to spend hours coaching to get them up to speed?

  1. Education is prevention.

Fraud is not something we can just wish away, as much as we would like to. No amount of criminal prosecutions will eradicate all fraud. So it is more effective to direct your time and energy to something that you can control. Prevention. Fraud crime prevention is the cheapest and most effective cure for exposure to any fraud risk. Many people fail to see the immense value of such an education until after getting burned. That misses the point! Fraud prevention education can help people keep their livelihoods and reputations, something that a fraud event has the potential to destroy. Fraud really is such an ugly virus.

  1. Mass fraud now operates on a global scale.

As we know, prevention of these crimes is drastically underfunded and under-resourced. This contributes to its rapid, virus-like spread around the world. There needs to be something just a quick as the counter-response. There’s no quicker way to spread information globally than through the Internet. As the digitized world has become synonymous with convenience, online learning is now invaluable. With our e-learning course, fraud prevention education is accessible to the masses. Now, you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. No longer is fraud prevention only available for a select and elite few.

  1. It’s about equality.

Everyone should have the right to a basic fraud education. That means it needs to be accessible at an affordable price. A fraud prevention education is not just for the wealthy and privileged. It’s for everybody because fraud does not discriminate. It often targets the most vulnerable communities such as the elderly, uneducated, or those with lower incomes. Those should not be barriers to access fraud prevention. FP101 includes partial and full scholarship options to ensure that more people have the opportunity to take this course. The more people who know what fraud looks like, the better chance we have to raise public awareness and reduce it.

  1. Empowerment.

Knowing how to protect yourself against fraud is one of the most empowering things anyone can do for themselves. You don’t have to become a victim. You don’t have to feel powerless or frustrated. When you know how to recognize fraud and begin to effectively block it from your life, you create a peace of mind. That’s something no one can take from you—not even a fraudster.

The message here is clear—there is a strong and urgent need for personal fraud awareness. With that said, FP101 just might be the best thing to happen to the fraud prevention industry. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

David Tracey,

Writer & Producer,