Here’s a three (or four) part winning formula that will work for anyone!

 If you type “magic formula for success” into Google you will get around 10 million results in topics ranging from investing (of course!) dieting, marketing, romance, and on it goes. At the very least, youll likely be drawn into a debate as to whether such a formula actually exists and then to the many and endless scams which try so hard to hijack your wallet.

 Based on all these search results, just about anything we desire has a “magic” formula. This created the idea of putting out a simpler “magic” formula for success based on my own know-how and experience– which if youre truly hungry and driven enough, you can complete even without the extra “magic” bit!

 All formulas are made up of parts and we have limited this piece to a three part formula with an optional fourth. If you stick to these first three absolutes and your personal needs, you will then have your very own “magic formula” for success. The fourth is a whimsy, a little wishful thinking for the world.

 “Work is love made visible” — Kahlil Gibran

 “Real Hard” Work.

If you honestly think you know what real hard work is, youre unusual because most people dont engage with work the way we mean it here. This is not about an eight, ten or even a twelve hour work shift or even the color of it. This is a full and complete physical, mental and aesthetic commitment of yourself in your every waking moment to your purpose and then theres more… You have to go beyond nurturing, beyond hands on, beyond getting yourself dirty, beyond exhaustion and way beyond any other place you thought you could ever go for as little as a dime. Then you just dont fall into bed, you fall into an exhausted stupor, lucky to get a few hours rest before you jump back into it all with great gusto and energy — like an excited puppy.

 Veterans in the area of real hard work can easily be found, but are not limited to; doctors during internship and other A&E staff, single parents with young families and a job or two or three (!), aid volunteers (especially in the third world), serial entrepreneurs, farmers and especially farm boys. It will be noted this status is not sustainable even for workaholics and is just required to put your plan into effect. No magic here, just really hard work.

 “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” — Robert Burnspoem To a Mouse, 1786.

 Have a plan.

Many people think a concept is a plan. They actually think some random idea they came up with on the way to work is so inspiring to others that new investors are going to line up with loads of low cost cash and no accountability. Nothing could be further from the truth. A plan is something that comes down the road after the initial flash of genius. It only comes after you have proven your concept is financially sound and makes economic sense. A plan is part of a process created for the execution of your idea. You cant have one without the other.

 One person putting together such a plan alone is neither feasible nor sensible. The best and most accessible professional to critique and work with you on any plan, especially for business purposes, is an experienced CPA. If you actually think youre the only person qualified or able to put together your plan, youre probably doomed to failure. Putting together a plan does not need any magic and therefore it must it be practical and doable.

 “For the execution of the voyage (to the Indies), I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps” — Christopher Columbus


For all your hard work and planning, it all means nothing without an ability to execute it. This is a great skill in itself and may even be the most “magic” part of your formula. Lucky for you, you can freely buy execution skills and knowledge. The highway of ambition and even the back roads to success are littered with the wreckage of great concepts with great plans that failed in the execution.

 Execution is a learned ability, make no mistake about that. It comes with plenty of curves and much pain, trial and error. Some people have it naturally and just need to develop it, while others spend their lives working on it before they realize their skills in this area are limited. Execution is about focus and seeing the bigger picture, especially with the task in hand. It’s about sticking to the plan and being flexible when you need to be. Execution is about making it all look easy, but most of all its about getting the job done, on time and within budget. People with such skills don’t win popularity contests and if they do, their skills are just … magical?

 “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size” ― Albert Einstein

 An open mind

is always ready for new ideas or concepts and is able to see something from many points of view at the same time. It will not discriminate against any person for any one reason or another. An open minded person does not judge others because it will know what it is to be judged, right or wrong. Race, color, creed and even conditions are the parts which allows it to arrive at a wise decision based on the data available at the time.

 One way to keep an open mind is to never, ever marry any idea, if only because some ideas are truly ugly despite sounding and looking great at the outset.

 With an open mind, you can achieve anything you desire. An open mind is a fulcrum for human endeavor. It is the magic ingredient required to meet all challenges and do all things. It is and will always be a work in progress. Not everyone has an open mind, so whats rare truly is beautiful! This really is the wishful part of this formula. So. get your head down, tail up and keep going until you feel a bump. Even then, don’t look up unless you really do have to!