“It’s a real story riven with fraud scams, fake news, and an enduring false narrative”.

According to the latest US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports, immigrants/refugees crossing into the USA are now at an all-time high level. In the month of May 2019, 144,278 refugees, including children, were arrested and detained. This data was provided by Border Patrol and Border Protection and was declared as a historic off the chart figure. It is morally impossible for any mindful person to ignore the ongoing tragedy on the US – Mexico border.

People migrate for various reasons but mostly to find a better life, and migration has been around since before there were any borders. For the first few hundred years, it has been mostly positive as the US embraced the diversity of people who became the most powerful vision and the driving brand of this young nation. With the rise of the military and industrial complex and personal wealth, random xenophobia combined with isolationist policies caused friction within the country, especially at the borders.

Mass migration always comes with the high risk of becoming a deadly humanitarian crisis riven with fraud scams, fake news, and an enduring false narrative. The US is known to welcome immigrants with open arms. However, when people enter illegally and some with a criminal agenda, the country has to toughen up its borders and the rules at the same time. None of this stuff runs in a straight line and never will.

Among the many fraud crimes taking place at various US – Mexican border crossings is women taking someone else’s children to force their own admission into the country. Another form of ID theft for fraud purpose. As per the rule, children are not allowed to be detained for more than 20 days. Finding the loophole in the immigration system, more than one thousand fraudulent families have recently crossed the borders in this way.

In May of 2019, the US government decided to try DNA tests to show if the children are truly related to these adults or are being used to enter the country for other reasons. These DNA test results are obtained in a matter of hours. The officials are hopeful these tests not only expose criminals and fraudulent entry, but also helps identify drug mules and human trafficking crimes. It’s a big, raw, tough job with lots of red lines for all sides.

As per current immigration policy, the US government has embraced the original concentration camp model that came out of the British side of the South African Boer War in the late 19th century. Many people are objecting to the concentration camp model and comparing to the pre-holocaust era. It is indeed a sad example of a real humanitarian crisis. No one can deny the pain of thousands of people detained, entering into the US to pursue their American dream. However, the laws are made and enforced to protect and safeguard the citizens first, and they must also try to improve the living conditions of these new/old camps.

There is always going to be conflict between the government departments. Keeping their disagreements aside, they must come together to solve the existing crisis and any fraudulent activities that are happening within the country. Meanwhile, the immigration control agencies lack the resources to patrol and process the detainees. The US Department of Homeland Security’s primary directive is to check illegal entry of any person, including the prevention of criminals and watch for any terrorist activities. Only with 100% public support can officials prevent illegal immigration and hope to solve the crisis humanely.

Using the current crisis at the US – Mexican border, the media in some cases has portrayed the Border Patrol as excessive and inhuman. An iconic picture of 48 Catholic rosaries is widely circulating. The photo is captioned to depict the alleged injustices against children and adults by US border patrol officers. This toxic, but viral image ran with an article published by the New Yorker Magazine (March 2019). However, the fake news was later exposed by ‘Snopes’ fact check. It confirmed that the picture was taken in 2007. A US Customs facility janitor

retrieved the rosaries and other discarded items from the trash and took a picture that has been used as news clickbait since.

The Snopes piece also clarified that the authorities seize personal belongings [of all detainees] upon arrest. “They do not target rosaries or other religious items, but they are [legally] confiscated.” This story and photo have become symbolic of what many interpret as the inhumane treatment of migrants. Among other things, a few people see the opportunity to set up fake organizations to receive donations. Thousands continue to fall victim to such frauds! However, according to FP101.net, most big mass frauds start with a forgiven lie, aka enablement.

The Texas Tribune recently published an updated list of 24 registered organizations providing humanitarian assistance, legal services, and advocacy for refugees detained at the US border. In addition to individual donations, many such agencies may also receive government grants and tax subsidies.

The public crowdfunding platform “Go Fund Me” lists over 360 individual organizations currently seeking money to assist refugees at the US – Mexican border. These groups are not obliged to provide accountability or transparency. It’s only a matter of time before the scam stories emerge from this mess.

While the government and its departments do their best to solve such border crises, the citizens must educate themselves and always fact check before believing a fake news story and supporting any of the humanitarian groups at the borders.

David Tracey is the author of “The Mortgage Handbook” – The Consumer Resource. Available on Kindle and all platforms – Tuesday, July 9th, 2019