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Fraud Alert! Phishing scams see a dramatic increase.

We have some really fascinating phishing info to show you, but first you need to know what phishing is, how it functions and how to protect yourself from it. Many will already be aware of what phishing is and a small minority will have already acted to tackle this growing issue. Phishing is now [...]

Will their multi billion $$$ fraud schemes crash Deutsche Bank (DB) through the “too big to fail” myth?

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority and the US Government recently declared (another) high penalty on the biggest money laundering scheme exposed so far in recent years. Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay over $600m in penalties for enabling an estimated $20 billion in this Russian money laundering scam. All down to a failure [...]

NY Mortgage services provider convicted of $38 million fraud conspiracy.

New York-based mortgage elimination company owner Jacqueline Graham was convicted of participating in a conspiracy. This conspiracy included bank fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud. The targets of the scheme was homeowners with problem mortgages. All this went down during the deep crisis in the housing market. The money charging various fees from the [...]

Georgia real estate investor to serve 16 months in prison for bid rigging foreclosure auctions.

A real estate investor from Georgia indicted for bid rigging has received a sentence.  His name is Douglas L. Purdy and he will serve 16 months in jail. According to the indictment papers, he was a part of a plan to rig foreclosure auctions. These auctions had locations in different parts of Georgia including [...]

The emerging consumer frauds of the US-Mexico Border “Crisis”

According to the latest US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports, immigrants/refugees crossing into the USA are now at an all-time high level. In the month of May 2019, 144,278 refugees, including children, were arrested and detained. This data was provided by Border Patrol and Border Protection and was declared as a historic off [...]

State Street executive defrauded customers out of billions with hidden fees.

A federal jury in Boston convicted a former State Street executive of hidden fee fraud. State Street is a financial services and bank holding company. The perpetraitor's name is Ross McLellan. As a part of this scheme, he helped defraud account holders out of billions. McLellan was the executive vice president for State Street [...]

Man pleads guilty to wire and money laundering in massive and indiscriminate affinity fraud scheme.

A man from Utah received 36 months in prison for wire fraud and money laundering. This crime was affiliated  with an affinity fraud scheme. This type of fraud affects members of a certain group and is normally run by someone pretending to be a part of that group. The perpetraitor's name is Ronald Wayne [...]

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Former pastor who defrauded the elderly of $23m gets 68 year prison sentence.

A former Texas pastor stole $23 million from the elderly through investment fraud. The perpetraitor, Timothy Lloyd Booth committed this fraud between 2014 and 2016. Before he became a full time scammer, Booth was the pastor of Way of Grace church in McKinney, Texas. Way of Grace closed its doors in 2016. During the [...]

“Godfather of Payday Lending” sentenced to prison for multiple frauds.

A man from Jenkintown will serve 37 months in prison for a racketeering scheme. The operator of the scheme was Adrian Rubin who conned victims with a payday lending business. This business was fraudulent and "violated the usury laws of Pennsylvania,” states US attorney, Zane David Memeger. Between 1998 and 2012 Rubin gave victims [...]

More than just words…or lose these two words for a higher quality of life!

  Where I come from, using what’s generally referred to as “foul” language or swearing is normal, so much so that one of my childhood memories is as I was leaving Church one Sunday morning commenting, “I’m (expletive) glad that’s over” to which my Aunt coming from behind articulated herself with a cuff on my [...]

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