Is whistleblowing and loss prevention the same thing?

Everything you should know about whistleblowers, but did not know what to ask. What is the highest and best use (HBU) of a whistleblower? A whistleblower (WB) is a person who reports bad or illegal conduct from within an organization. Most countries have laws to protect WBs. Whistleblowing is a superior tool for fraud and [...]

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E-Commerce and Internet fraud.

What is E-Commerce Fraud? E-Commerce fraud is when someone steals personal payment information on the Internet. One example is credit card information theft. Most of this type of fraud has been mainly happening online and incidents like these are growing every year. The table below from Statista shows how many billions of U.S. dollars are expected [...]

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Identity theft and fraud.

What is identity theft and identity fraud and how does it happen? Identity theft is always personal. It occurs when someone illegally gets and uses the data of another person without their consent. Identity fraud occurs when this info is used for deception or material gain, benefit or theft. Either or both of these actions are [...]

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