These are documented summaries of (major) fraud events as they happened. Thee information will explain how people get caught up in and often unknowingly support frauds. There are many classic examples here. Prepare to be impressed at the ugly creativity of these crooks!

Who are you calling a (price) gouger?

  In June 2008, Electronic Arts, Inc (EA) was the subject of a national class-action lawsuit. EA is the company behind popular sports games such as Madden NFL, NCAA Football, and Arena Football. The lawsuit claimed that EA violated antitrust laws. Antitrust laws protect customers from unfair competition tactics by businesses and corporations. In [...]

E.A. sued for false advertising, fraud, and theft.

E.A. investors are now suing the gaming giant, Electronic Arts, for false advertising. EA supposedly promised great results for Battlefield 4, their new game. This raised the E.A. stock but E.A. did not do their job well. After Battlefield 4 came out, problems with the game were seen right away. Players hit the internet [...]

MumboJumbo wins lawsuit against PopCap to the tune of 4.6 million dollars.

MumboJumbo and PopCap used to be business partners. Basically, PopCap made games and MumboJumbo would sell and distribute the games to places like Wal-Mart, ToysRUs, Game Stop, and Best Buy. PopCap decided that they could do MumboJumbo’s job and began to work in that direction which left MumboJumbo high and dry. A Dallas jury [...]

Almost ¾ of a million of Australians affected by Sony hack.

Sony was excited to release their new PlayStation 4. Consumers quickly snatched up their new gaming equipment and began to play. Soon after the release, Sony sent out an email to some users instructing a password change. But Sony was too late, again. In fact, users had already begun to notice that their credit [...]

Individual defrauds Sony out of almost a million dollars.

In a new twist, an ex-employee of Sony stole about 750,000 from the company with help from a friend. Xavier Gusman worked for Sony at the time. He checked the copyrights to make sure they were correct before Sony paid for them. That was probably where he thought about the idea, along with his [...]

Victor Lustig—recidivist and media legend.

Victor Lustig Born on January 4, 1890 in Hostinné, now a part of the Czech Republic, Victor Lustig is favored with legend status by the media at large. For many of his frauds, he posed as a count of eastern European origins. What he really was, is a sharp little crook who enjoyed a [...]

Long arm of the FBI taps Lithuanian deceiver for 11 years in jail.

There is still a long arm of the law. This time, it stretched all the way from Cleveland, OH to Lithuania. Alex Spirikaitis, 52, lived large on an annual salary of about $50,000 as the CEO of the Taupa Lithuanian Credit Union in Cleveland. He had a house built for $1 million, had a [...]

BBC radio probe exposes major UK fraud.

Out of the blue, BBC fraud news reporter Shari Vahl got a call from a telemarketer selling a “solid” gold investment. She knew straightaway it was a scam and played along. The firm claimed to be based in London’s Hatton Garden. They “guaranteed” a return of 15% in 60 days. Like so many [...]

Another huge environmental deceit by a major US corporation.

Chevron oil, aka Standard Oil/Texaco with a 2017 turnover in excess of $140 billion is alleging financial fraud by the plaintiffs in a massive pollution case they just lost. An Ecuadorian court ruled that Chevron is a direct cause of destruction of the Amazon basin. They fined the company $8 billion (£5 billion). This [...]

Alert: The virtual kidnapping scam.

The scariest phone call any parent could ever receive is bad news about a child. There are no exceptions to this. One LE (Law Enforcement) jurisdiction after another currently issue warnings - because this fraud is spreading rapidly. It is, without doubt one of the scariest and ugliest of [...]