Fraud Alert! Phishing scams see a dramatic increase.

We have some really fascinating phishing info to show you, but first you need to know what phishing is, how it functions and how to protect yourself from it. Many will already be aware of what phishing is and a small minority will have already acted to tackle this growing issue. Phishing is now [...]

Will their multi billion $$$ fraud schemes crash Deutsche Bank (DB) through the “too big to fail” myth?

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority and the US Government recently declared (another) high penalty on the biggest money laundering scheme exposed so far in recent years. Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay over $600m in penalties for enabling an estimated $20 billion in this Russian money laundering scam. All down to a failure [...]

The emerging consumer frauds of the US-Mexico Border “Crisis”

According to the latest US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports, immigrants/refugees crossing into the USA are now at an all-time high level. In the month of May 2019, 144,278 refugees, including children, were arrested and detained. This data was provided by Border Patrol and Border Protection and was declared as a historic off [...]

State Street executive defrauded customers out of billions with hidden fees.

A federal jury in Boston convicted a former State Street executive of hidden fee fraud. State Street is a financial services and bank holding company. The perpetraitor's name is Ross McLellan. As a part of this scheme, he helped defraud account holders out of billions. McLellan was the executive vice president for State Street [...]

Has anything changed 10 years on from the Lehman Brothers crisis?

September 2018 marked the 10-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bank collapse. At the time,  was the fourth largest investment bank in America. But it had almost as much debt ($619 billion) as it had in assets ($639 billion). Dubbed, the “Lehman Weekend”, the world witnessed the largest bankruptcy in US history. It led to [...]

The US Federal Loan Fraud “Forgiveness” Program.

How tens of thousands of young people have spent over a decade working their way through a loan forgiveness plan that they will NEVER get.  Student loan debt is a harsh and ugly reality in the United States. The average US student borrower won’t be able to pay back their loan until after they reach [...]

What is the first rule of negotiation?

Negotiations, Satchmo and me. “There came then one of the most surreal moments that I have ever known — and there have been a few.” I have a very early memory of falling in love with “Satchmo”. I was one of those kids who, from the minute I learned to walk, could show up just about anywhere. [...]