The consequences of medical fraud—no barriers or boundaries here!

Today, mass fraud goes almost unnoticed. This one is a medical fraud with no boundaries. Every person who had their blood tested with the Theranos company over the past 15 years has had their health at risk. We may never know the amount of damage nor the number of victims caused by this fraud. [...]

PlayStation false customer charges and Sony could not care less. This is rich!

Sony was excited to release their new PlayStation 4. Consumers quickly snatched up their new gaming equipment and began to play. Soon after the release, Sony sent out an email to some users instructing a password change. But Sony was too late, again. In fact, users had already begun to notice that their credit [...]

Frank Abagnale Jr.

Frank Abagnale Jr. The model reformed recidivist Full Name: Frank William Abagnale Jr. Location: Bronxville, NY Background: Frank Abagnale Jr. is best known by Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of him in the Blockbuster hit film Catch Me if You Can. The film was based on Abagnale’s life during the 1960’s when he swindled millions as [...]