Alert: The virtual kidnapping scam.

The scariest phone call any parent could ever receive is bad news about a child. There are no exceptions to this. One LE (Law Enforcement) jurisdiction after another currently issue warnings - because this fraud is spreading rapidly. It is, without doubt one of the scariest and ugliest of [...]

Nigerian man arrested for $60 million global email scam and wire fraud.

A Nigerian fraudster known only as “Mike” stole over $60 million in a global internet scam. He is the alleged leader of a group of 40 individuals. His gang was composed of people from Nigeria, Malaysia, and South Africa. Mike and his gang sent emails compromised with malware which was scripted to take over [...]

Job seekers targeted in employment scam—one jailed and three sought.

Employment scams are, sadly, becoming more and more commonplace. Fraudsters target jobseekers who have posted their CVs or resumes on job sites. They contact victims via email, using falsified company logos and offer exceptional salaries and benefits. After luring their victim, the fraudsters ask for fees. They say that these fees will cover work [...]

Seven convicted for online relationship and advance fee scam.

Social media may be the one of the greatest inventions of all time. It allows us to connect to people hundreds of miles away, to get in touch with people with whom we have lost contact, and even to meet new people, and form new relationships. However, it is also a hunting ground for [...]

Small business funding fraud—prison sentence for Las Vegas man who stole $5.3 million.

Gregory Villegas and other conspirators ran an advance fee scheme, seeking to defraud small business owners. In this scheme, Villegas and others pretended to operate companies that could obtain public and private grants for small business owners. In truth, Villegas and the conspirators had no intention of pursuing any grant funding for the victims. [...]

Gold Sukh scam—directors caught in Vietnam.

Gold Sukh Trade India Private Limited allegedly duped over 100,000 people of two billion rupees in the name of investment in gold. The company stated that individuals would achieve up to a 150% return on investment over 18 months, which was an unrealistic figure. It promised to invest their membership fee in gold. In [...]