Two convicted in mail fraud conspiracy case.

Two crooks were charged for a mail fraud conspiracy in Greenville, Tennessee. The two perpetraitors were Donald David Collins and Charles Turner. The District Court deemed both Collins and Turner guilty. They were found guilty of stealing money from Mountain Empire Surgery Center (MESC). They stole millions from MESC through mail fraud. Collins advised [...]

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Goldman Sachs finally confesses to mortgage fraud during the 2008 financial crisis.

It took nearly a decade, but Goldman Sachs finally named itself as the fraudster that it is. The investment bank accepted the Department of Justice’s conclusion that it “misled investors.” Goldman Sachs admitted that it deceived investors by not informing them of their risks. Basically, Goldman Sachs withheld vital information from investors for its [...]

Deutsche Bank settles for $205 million in currency manipulation scheme

It is probably no surprise that Deutsche Bank AG would be named among the financial institutions caught in a currency manipulation scandal. For its role, the German/British investment bank agreed to pay $205 million in settlement. This comes after a settlement from just a few months ago for $240 million in a LIBOR scandal. [...]

Chinese gaming website commits credit card fraud with Xbox user accounts.

A Chinese "gaming service" hacked Xbox user accounts and used their credit card information to make purchases.  The Chinese company is Gameest International Network Sales Co. The company ran the scam through its "gaming service" website iGSKY. The company advertised cheap coins and points for Xbox games on their website. When a customer bought [...]

Here’s how greed and stupidity are co-joined at the hip.

From the big mouse to the big house. In May 2012, three Florida fraudsters were charged with a four-year-long Disney World scheme. Joseph Geiger, Robert Falk and Steven Nero were discovered to have swindled several thousands of dollars at Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida. Their sneaky scheme involved first reserving their [...]

Gamers find fraudulent charges on their Origin’s accounts.

Over a three year period from 2012 to 2015, gamers were complaining that hackers were accessing their Electronic Arts (EA) Origin accounts. Origin is the EA online store and was launched in 2011. As of 2013, more than 50 million users had accounts on the site. Users took to, a social discussion site, [...]

Owners of Chicago medical transport company sentenced for $4.7 million healthcare deceit.

Gregory Toran owned IBT Transportation LLC. with Tina Kimbrough. During their ownership, the company fraudulently overbilled the State of Illinois and Medicaid for services not rendered, or not rendered to the extent claimed, and for mileage well in excess of those actually driven. Between December 2005 and June 2011, IBT billed and received payment [...]

Canadian therapist fined $20,000 for billing for fake therapy sessions.

Dr. Maninder Singh Badyal is the owner of Absolute Health and Wellness Clinic in Surrey. The clinic offers massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care. Eleven patients were directed to meet with Badyal, although none of them actually went to the clinic for chiropractic treatment. However, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) was billed [...]

$1 Million Fine for Telecoms Firm Accused of Cramming and Slamming

In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) found long-distance carrier Advantage Telecommunications to be in violation of its “truth-in-billing” rules. “Cramming” is when a telecoms service provider adds, or allows a third-party to add, unauthorized or unsolicited charges onto a customer’s bill. The FCC found that Advantage Telecommunications had adopted cramming practices, failing to [...]

Damco and Farrell Lines fined $3.7 million for container weight fraud.

Damco and Farrell Lines are both Maersk subsidiaries whose services were contracted by the US Transportation Command, the US Department of Defense (DoD)’s logistics unit. The contract required Damco and Farrell lines to transport cargo in and out of Afghanistan for the DoD and other government departments. The contract value was almost entirely based [...]