Hurricane Florence has come and gone, but its fraud crime will just be getting started.

Wherever disaster strikes there will be fraudsters eager to take advantage of the situation. Hurricane Florence will be no exception. On Friday, September 14th 2018, North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Florence. For nearly two weeks, news outlets tracked the tropical cyclone. This provided time for many residents living in its trajectory to follow emergency [...]

Soccer sports fraud damages more than 150 local sports communities to the tune of over £5 million.

Soccer is a huge part of the British social and community system. When it is used for criminal purposes, it is always an ugly story. This one is no different. Luis Michael Training Ltd was a company set up in 2009 for the main aim of fraud. It claimed it would provide soccer apprenticeships [...]

Illegal storefront gambling—Florida Police Union Chief took over $570,000.

Nelson Cuba, the former president of the Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police, helped himself to revenues generated by Internet café gambling operations in the northern part of Florida. Cuba used a military veterans’ charity as a conduit for his illegal income. Participants in the ring skimmed a total of around $300 million until they [...]

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Former Oxfam “Head of Counter-fraud” guilty of £64,000 fraud.

Oxfam Fraud Edward McKenzie Edward McKenzie-Green is a former Head of Counter-fraud at Oxfam. McKenzie-Green defrauded the organization of thousands of pounds while investigating fellow charity workers in earthquake hit Haiti. Investigators found that McKenzie-Green had filed 17 fake invoices from bogus companies over nine months, amassing £64,612 before resigning amidst unrelated disciplinary proceedings. [...]

Wyclef Jean’s Haiti charity investigated for fraud.

Wyclef Jean Fraud Rapper, musician, and actor Wyclef Jean has been accused of stealing money from the Haitian charity he founded. The charity was founded in 2004 by a group which included the Haitian-born rapper. Wyclef at one point even pronounced the charity to be Haiti’s ‘greatest asset and ally’. The Haitian organization In [...]

Miami businessman sentenced for $40 million investment fraud.

Claudio Osorio led a $40 million investment fraud linked to one of his companies that promoted a cutting-edge design for the construction of low-cost homes. Osorio’s arrest marked a dramatic fall from grace for a prominent and politically-connected businessman, whose now-defunct company once had Jeb Bush, Florida’s former Governor, on its board of directors, [...]

Six convicted of running $10 million illegal money exchange.

Anthony Murgio knowingly operated, an unlawful internet-based bitcoin exchange. The company was accused of processing more than $10 million in illegal bitcoin transactions. Murgio said that he ran for Gery Shalon, the founder of the criminal enterprise. Murgio ran the exchange for several years together with his co-conspirators Jose Freundt, Ricardo Hill, [...]

Woman found guilty of selling religious waqf land worth $2.5 billion.

Naseem Banu Patel is the former Chief Executive Officer of a Muslim organization that was in charge of land endowment used for religious purposes, or waqf. Waqf involves donating a building, land, or other assets for Muslim religious or charitable purposes, with no intention of reclaiming the donated assets. Patel, however, misused her power, [...]

Permanent Lifeline ban and $30 million fine for Total Call Mobile.

Since 1985, the Lifeline program has provided discounted and free telephone services to low-income customers. This service is funded by the Universal Service Fund and ensures that through a telephone connection, all Americans have similar access to job opportunities, their families and the emergency services. Around 18 million people who are eligible for food [...]

“Successful” CEO fraudulently lost investors’ money to gambling.

Alena Marie Pastuch presented herself to us as a “successful” businesswoman with interests focused on on developing anti-fraud and child protection software. The How Pastuch deceived small investors by setting up a fake trust fund using words like “guaranteed”,  “zero risk” and so on. Folks invested millions of dollars in the belief they were [...]