Georgia real estate investor to serve 16 months in prison for bid rigging foreclosure auctions.

A real estate investor from Georgia indicted for bid rigging has received a sentence.  His name is Douglas L. Purdy and he will serve 16 months in jail. According to the indictment papers, he was a part of a plan to rig foreclosure auctions. These auctions had locations in different parts of Georgia including [...]

Former pastor who defrauded the elderly of $23m gets 68 year prison sentence.

A former Texas pastor stole $23 million from the elderly through investment fraud. The perpetraitor, Timothy Lloyd Booth committed this fraud between 2014 and 2016. Before he became a full time scammer, Booth was the pastor of Way of Grace church in McKinney, Texas. Way of Grace closed its doors in 2016. During the [...]

“Godfather of Payday Lending” sentenced to prison for multiple frauds.

A man from Jenkintown will serve 37 months in prison for a racketeering scheme. The operator of the scheme was Adrian Rubin who conned victims with a payday lending business. This business was fraudulent and "violated the usury laws of Pennsylvania,” states US attorney, Zane David Memeger. Between 1998 and 2012 Rubin gave victims [...]

Salt Lake City fraud recidivist gets 7 year prison sentence for $9m Telemarketing scam.

In July 2018, a career criminal from Utah received an additional seven year prison sentence. This time for a telemarketing scam. The perpetraitor, Chad Gettel, created a scam that affected more than 10,000 people. According to prosecutors, these victims suffered losses of about $9 million. Gettel was already serving prison time for a mortgage [...]

Multimillion dollar telefraud ring busted in USA and India.

Good news! There are now 56 less chances for you to be scammed over the phone thanks to the bust of a major international telefraud ring. 24 fraudsters from the U.S. will be spending time in jail. Another 32 co-conspirators from five crooked companies in Ahmedabad, India were indicted in relation to the scheme [...]

Victor Lustig—recidivist and media legend.

Victor Lustig Born on January 4, 1890 in Hostinné, now a part of the Czech Republic, Victor Lustig is favored with legend status by the media at large. For many of his frauds, he posed as a count of eastern European origins. What he really was, is a sharp little crook who enjoyed a [...]

Long arm of the FBI taps Lithuanian deceiver for 11 years in jail.

There is still a long arm of the law. This time, it stretched all the way from Cleveland, OH to Lithuania. Alex Spirikaitis, 52, lived large on an annual salary of about $50,000 as the CEO of the Taupa Lithuanian Credit Union in Cleveland. He had a house built for $1 million, had a [...]

Soccer sports fraud damages more than 150 local sports communities to the tune of over £5 million.

Soccer is a huge part of the British social and community system. When it is used for criminal purposes, it is always an ugly story. This one is no different. Luis Michael Training Ltd was a company set up in 2009 for the main aim of fraud. It claimed it would provide soccer apprenticeships [...]

Alert: The virtual kidnapping scam.

The scariest phone call any parent could ever receive is bad news about a child. There are no exceptions to this. One LE (Law Enforcement) jurisdiction after another currently issue warnings - because this fraud is spreading rapidly. It is, without doubt one of the scariest and ugliest of [...]

London man arrested for fraudulent sale of worthless cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has had a recent surge in popularity, piquing making many people’s interest. To profit from this interest, one man in the UK set up a scam call-center or “boiler room”, selling non-exist ant cryptocurrency to his victims. The police received nine reports of fraud, with a total value of £160,000 ($215,000). Victims stated [...]