NY Mortgage services provider convicted of $38 million fraud conspiracy.

New York-based mortgage elimination company owner Jacqueline Graham was convicted of participating in a conspiracy. This conspiracy included bank fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud. The targets of the scheme was homeowners with problem mortgages. All this went down during the deep crisis in the housing market. The money charging various fees from the [...]

Customers scammed into buying discounted Nintendo Switch on Amazon

After the release of the Nintendo Switch, many Amazon customers were scammed out of hundreds of dollars. The Switch game console was release in 2017 by Nintendo causing a lot of excitement among gamers. The demand was so high for the new console that there were limited quantities available. Because of this high demand [...]

World of Warcraft users promised in-game pets in phishing scam

Users of the online game, World of Warcraft have been targeted in a phishing scam. A phishing scam is when scammers send fake emails to customers in hopes of obtaining their personal information. The scammers behind the World of Warcraft scam sent emails about free in-game pets. The email said that the customer received [...]

Chinese gaming website commits credit card fraud with Xbox user accounts.

A Chinese "gaming service" hacked Xbox user accounts and used their credit card information to make purchases.  The Chinese company is Gameest International Network Sales Co. The company ran the scam through its "gaming service" website iGSKY. The company advertised cheap coins and points for Xbox games on their website. When a customer bought [...]

Brain app Lumosity fined $2 million for deceptive advertising.

Brain training app "Lumosity" has been fined $2 million for using deceptive advertising. The app claimed that it could help its users perform better at work and at school. The app also told customers that it could decrease the effects of many brain disorders. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) did a lot of research [...]

Company owners charged for illegal sale of non-prescription contact lenses.

Six individuals were charged with illegally selling cosmetic contact lenses without prescriptions. The fraud was detected by the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Operation “Cat Eyes” that targeted adulterated and misbranded contact lenses. Some of the products that were purchased in connection with this investigation were contaminated with dangerous pathogens that can cause [...]

Nineteen-year-old woman arrested for $16,000 of online Carousell fraud.

In 2016, Singaporean police received 35 reports of people being cheated out of money after placing orders for tickets to a Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore, as well as for branded lipsticks. These items had been offered for sale at attractive prices on the online marketplace Carousell. The victims had all placed [...]

T-Mobile—report states fraudulent sales are rife.

Consumer and labor group Change to Win has reported overly-aggressive sales targets and intense pressure at T-Mobile. The report states that such sales targets lead to incentives that put customers at risk of fraudulent sales. These incentivized activities include sign-up to unsolicited services, sale of unrequired equipment and addition of telephone lines to customer [...]

Customers misled about “unlimited” data plan—AT&T fined $100 million.

AT&T significantly reduced mobile internet speeds for its unlimited data plan customers, once they had used over 3GB of 3G data or 5GB of 4G data in a billing month. The company did not inform its customers that their internet speeds would be throttled on passing these data-usage thresholds. Although AT&T stopped selling unlimited [...]