How Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) created a “legitimate” multi billion dollar business out of defrauding the elderly and children.

If you were a child of the 80’s or 90’s living anywhere in the USA then you need no introduction to Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH). You may recall those iconic manilla-envelopes with bold-lettered proclamations about winning cash prizes. Often, their mailers exposed check-like printed paper through a see-through cellophane address window. Maybe you were [...]

Product piracy by another name – Disney?

On August 24, 2017, beloved tv personality Bill Nye filed a $37 million lawsuit with The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries.  He claims that the companies hid profits owed to him and owners of the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” show. Nye became suspicious in 2008 when Buena Vista Television (BVT), a Disney [...]

Individual defrauds Sony out of almost a million dollars.

In a new twist, an ex-employee of Sony stole about 750,000 from the company with help from a friend. Xavier Gusman worked for Sony at the time. He checked the copyrights to make sure they were correct before Sony paid for them. That was probably where he thought about the idea, along with his [...]

Wyclef Jean’s Haiti charity investigated for fraud.

Wyclef Jean Fraud Rapper, musician, and actor Wyclef Jean has been accused of stealing money from the Haitian charity he founded. The charity was founded in 2004 by a group which included the Haitian-born rapper. Wyclef at one point even pronounced the charity to be Haiti’s ‘greatest asset and ally’. The Haitian organization In [...]

Nineteen-year-old woman arrested for $16,000 of online Carousell fraud.

In 2016, Singaporean police received 35 reports of people being cheated out of money after placing orders for tickets to a Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore, as well as for branded lipsticks. These items had been offered for sale at attractive prices on the online marketplace Carousell. The victims had all placed [...]

Two Years in prison for $300,000 investment fraudster.

Michael Francis Egan III was accused of running a five-year financial scheme whereby he attracted investors by lying about his assets. Among other claims, Egan stated that he owned percentages of well-known hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. He also lied about his connections to banking executives and investment moguls. Egan promised customers returns [...]