Not a new low for perpetraitors as another Grenfell Tragedy fraudster jailed.

All fraud is despicable but 26-year old Yonatan Eyob stooped low for this one. On September 7, 2018, Eyob was sentenced to almost three and a half years for scamming the deceased. The city of London was devastated by a massive fire in 2017. Known as the Grenfell Tower fire, the disaster took the [...]

Robbery of medical marijuana facility accidentally uncovers cannabis fraud.

On July 12, 2018, 25-year-old Veneranda Kyere pleaded guilty for her part in a 2016 armed robbery. Kyere and four others, including one woman and three men, were charged on several counts. According to Niagara Regional Police, the charges include “robbery with a firearm, forcible confinement, pointing a firearm, disguise with intent and uttering [...]

Here’s how greed and stupidity are co-joined at the hip.

From the big mouse to the big house. In May 2012, three Florida fraudsters were charged with a four-year-long Disney World scheme. Joseph Geiger, Robert Falk and Steven Nero were discovered to have swindled several thousands of dollars at Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida. Their sneaky scheme involved first reserving their [...]

MumboJumbo wins lawsuit against PopCap to the tune of 4.6 million dollars.

MumboJumbo and PopCap used to be business partners. Basically, PopCap made games and MumboJumbo would sell and distribute the games to places like Wal-Mart, ToysRUs, Game Stop, and Best Buy. PopCap decided that they could do MumboJumbo’s job and began to work in that direction which left MumboJumbo high and dry. A Dallas jury [...]

Individual defrauds Sony out of almost a million dollars.

In a new twist, an ex-employee of Sony stole about 750,000 from the company with help from a friend. Xavier Gusman worked for Sony at the time. He checked the copyrights to make sure they were correct before Sony paid for them. That was probably where he thought about the idea, along with his [...]

Sony defrauds philanthropic gaming company.

In yet another story involving Sony, we now hear that they stole an idea from the gaming company, The Just Game Company. The Just Game Company came to Sony and met with their VP of Marketing, John Keller. The Just Game Company, being smart, asked John Keller to sign a confidentiality agreement. But it [...]

Victor Lustig—recidivist and media legend.

Victor Lustig Born on January 4, 1890 in Hostinné, now a part of the Czech Republic, Victor Lustig is favored with legend status by the media at large. For many of his frauds, he posed as a count of eastern European origins. What he really was, is a sharp little crook who enjoyed a [...]

Long arm of the FBI taps Lithuanian deceiver for 11 years in jail.

There is still a long arm of the law. This time, it stretched all the way from Cleveland, OH to Lithuania. Alex Spirikaitis, 52, lived large on an annual salary of about $50,000 as the CEO of the Taupa Lithuanian Credit Union in Cleveland. He had a house built for $1 million, had a [...]

India’s banking system slides into another scam.

The best known and much respected Punjab National Bank (PNB) is caught in the center of the biggest bank fraud in India’s history. The cost of this one is already up on two billion dollars. Nobody can guess the full damage yet because the whole event, while being reported widely, is still covered by [...]