5-year-old put into huge debt after identity gets stolen from his Doctor’s office.

By 5-years of age, little Gavin Karpinsky had already run up adult-sized debts. Not by his own doing either. The child was a victim of identity theft. Sad to tell, he is just one child among millions and it’s rapidly becoming a trend. In 2017, one million children had their identities stolen. According to [...]

Research finds ad fraud on Google and Microsoft search engines

A study found that web browsers are the target for many fraudsters. The study showed that Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google Chrome had the most fraud activity. Browser fraud happens when a person's web browser is manipulated. When this happens, whoever is manipulating the browser can go to websites without the user knowing about [...]

LifeLock pays $100 million settlement over false advertisement and weak data security.

All human beings have identities, so anyone can be vulnerable to identity theft. As a result, several companies have formed to help users protect their identities. LifeLock is one of these companies. LifeLock is among the most recognized ID theft monitoring services on the market. Its ads can be seen on television, in magazines, [...]

Sony breach could have been stopped.

There is a law in the United States called the Data Prevention Act. Sony’s data was breached and they were fined 250,000 dollars. This is because officials decided that this hack was a “serious breach” and “could have been prevented”. Sony, of course, denies this. Millions of gamers had their information hacked. Things such [...]

Frank Abagnale Jr.

Frank Abagnale Jr. The model reformed recidivist Full Name: Frank William Abagnale Jr. Location: Bronxville, NY Background: Frank Abagnale Jr. is best known by Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of him in the Blockbuster hit film Catch Me if You Can. The film was based on Abagnale’s life during the 1960’s when he swindled millions as [...]

Former life insurance and accident and sickness insurance agent accused of $50,000 fraud.

Rob Mangat Arrested in Vancouver Ravinderpaul Singh Mangat (a.k.a. Rob Mangat) was a registered mutual funds salesman at Sun Life in Metrotown. In 2010, he lured a Vancouver resident into investing in a “privileged investment group” that he claimed would yield high returns. The investment Mangat did not invest his client’s money into any [...]

Virtual mining investment scam defrauds investors of €380,000.

B.M. Jagadeesha lured people onto his website www.3gcoin.eu, saying that by investing in virtual mining, they would be able to claim a 180-fold return on investment in just two years. Victims of Jagadeesha’s scam were also informed that if they introduced a new investor, 20% of their referral’s investment would be paid to them [...]

College lecturer and lay preacher jailed for £51 million VAT scam.

Malcolm Edwards-Sayer is a lay preacher and college lecturer who created a network of fake businesses to obtain fraudulent tax payments. He was caught when he purchased a meaningless lordship, and used his new title to establish offshore bank accounts. Edwards-Sayer pretended that he imported high-value goods such as mobile devices, and subsequently sold [...]

Subscriber fraud.

A result of identity theft, subscriber fraud is the biggest cellphone fraud scheme. It is estimated that this costs the mobile phone industry $150 million a year. The perpetraitor acquires the victims personal details and opens up a cell phone account in their name, racking up bills that go straight to the victim. Flags: [...]