“Godfather of Payday Lending” sentenced to prison for multiple frauds.

A man from Jenkintown will serve 37 months in prison for a racketeering scheme. The operator of the scheme was Adrian Rubin who conned victims with a payday lending business. This business was fraudulent and "violated the usury laws of Pennsylvania,” states US attorney, Zane David Memeger. Between 1998 and 2012 Rubin gave victims [...]

Salt Lake City fraud recidivist gets 7 year prison sentence for $9m Telemarketing scam.

In July 2018, a career criminal from Utah received an additional seven year prison sentence. This time for a telemarketing scam. The perpetraitor, Chad Gettel, created a scam that affected more than 10,000 people. According to prosecutors, these victims suffered losses of about $9 million. Gettel was already serving prison time for a mortgage [...]

Two convicted in mail fraud conspiracy case.

Two crooks were charged for a mail fraud conspiracy in Greenville, Tennessee. The two perpetraitors were Donald David Collins and Charles Turner. The District Court deemed both Collins and Turner guilty. They were found guilty of stealing money from Mountain Empire Surgery Center (MESC). They stole millions from MESC through mail fraud. Collins advised [...]

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Transport company owner indicted for fraud.

Richard Brega & William Popkave Richard Brega is the owner of Brega Transport and Brega D.O.T. Maintenance Corp. He was charged with mail fraud conspiracy, theft and bribery of federal funds, and obstruction of justice. In 2013, Brega D.O.T. had been awarded a five-year, $70-million Federal Transit Administration-funded contract by Rockland County. This contract [...]

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Family court judge sent down for $2.6 million wire fraud.

Steven Jones is a Former Clark County Family Court Judge and, together with his co-conspirators Thomas Cecrle Jr., Constance Fenton, Terry Wolfe, Mark Hansen, and Ashlee Martin, he was charged for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and money laundering. Jones and his [...]

Pyramid scheme—convicted couple found in Florida.

In 1996, Martha and David Crowe were convicted of using their company, Gold Unlimited Inc. (Gold), to dupe 96,000 Americans and Canadians out of millions of dollars in an investment scam. Gold operated an illegal pyramid scheme. The court argued that the defendants operated a “scheme or artifice to defraud” under the mail fraud [...]