How A-B-C, “Always Be Closing” became a cultural shift and a red flag for fraud.

Here’s how avoiding this popular catchphrase can be a powerful fraud prevention tool. The ABC of sales arrived somewhere in the late fifties with the arrival of washing machines and new types of consumer finance. Every (sales) person worth a grain of salt has applied this ideology at some point in their lives. Highlighted in [...]

Sony defrauds philanthropic gaming company.

In yet another story involving Sony, we now hear that they stole an idea from the gaming company, The Just Game Company. The Just Game Company came to Sony and met with their VP of Marketing, John Keller. The Just Game Company, being smart, asked John Keller to sign a confidentiality agreement. But it [...]

Fake news fraud.

How fake-news becomes a huge fraud. Can you believe this? Most websites rely on ads for income. This is how publishing is paid for on the Internet. It is the same with all media, generally speaking. So when a website generates a lot of traffic, clients want to market product through it. However, that is [...]

Subscriber fraud.

A result of identity theft, subscriber fraud is the biggest cellphone fraud scheme. It is estimated that this costs the mobile phone industry $150 million a year. The perpetraitor acquires the victims personal details and opens up a cell phone account in their name, racking up bills that go straight to the victim. Flags: [...]