5-year-old put into huge debt after identity gets stolen from his Doctor’s office.

By 5-years of age, little Gavin Karpinsky had already run up adult-sized debts. Not by his own doing either. The child was a victim of identity theft. Sad to tell, he is just one child among millions and it’s rapidly becoming a trend. In 2017, one million children had their identities stolen. According to [...]

Marijuana-growing certificates proven fake…Florida attorney disbarred

Ian James Christiansen, a lawyer from Jacksonville, Florida, is no longer allowed to practice law in Florida. The Florida Supreme Court disbarred him for giving clients wrong legal advice about the growing and selling of marijuana. Christiansen worked with a doctor who did not have the right to practice medicine. Together, they charged a [...]

The consequences of medical fraud—no barriers or boundaries here!

Today, mass fraud goes almost unnoticed. This one is a medical fraud with no boundaries. Every person who had their blood tested with the Theranos company over the past 15 years has had their health at risk. We may never know the amount of damage nor the number of victims caused by this fraud. [...]

Owners of Chicago medical transport company sentenced for $4.7 million healthcare deceit.

Gregory Toran owned IBT Transportation LLC. with Tina Kimbrough. During their ownership, the company fraudulently overbilled the State of Illinois and Medicaid for services not rendered, or not rendered to the extent claimed, and for mileage well in excess of those actually driven. Between December 2005 and June 2011, IBT billed and received payment [...]

Edwin Fujinaga and other MRI International executives accused of $1.5 billion financial fraud.

Edwin Fujinaga Fraud Edwin Fujinaga, Junzo Suzuki, and Paul Suzuki were executives of MRI International, a US-based business that began selling products in Japan in 1998. Between 2009 and 2013, the trio solicited more than $1.5 billion, mainly from Japanese residents, by promising to buy accounts receivable from medical companies at a discount, and [...]

Brothers sentenced in $6 million healthcare fraud conspiracy.

Kevin Davies and his brother Melvin Davies owned and operated KMD Healthcare Services Inc. In order to pass the state inspection necessary for enrolment in the Medicare program, they used stand-in Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) who were neither employees nor affiliated with KMD. Medicare and Medicaid only pay for medically necessary ambulance services, in [...]

Guardian defrauded over $550,000 from her wards.

April Lynn Parks is a former court-appointed financial guardian in Las Vegas. Parks was charged with stealing over $550,000 from her elderly and disabled victims in Southern Nevada. As a guardian, Parks often acted as the surrogate decision maker for her 50 to 100 elderly and mentally incapacitated wards. As their guardian, Parks had [...]

Canadian therapist fined $20,000 for billing for fake therapy sessions.

Dr. Maninder Singh Badyal is the owner of Absolute Health and Wellness Clinic in Surrey. The clinic offers massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care. Eleven patients were directed to meet with Badyal, although none of them actually went to the clinic for chiropractic treatment. However, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) was billed [...]

$150 million black market HIV drug scheme—6 years in prison for pharmacist.

While working as a supervising pharmacist and compliance officer at MOMS Pharmacy in Suffolk County, Glenn Schabel knowingly purchased HIV medication from illicit sources, in exchange for bribes. The HIV medication that Schabel was bribed to purchase came from a number of illicit channels. It is believed that the drugs could have been expired [...]

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Company owners charged for illegal sale of non-prescription contact lenses.

Six individuals were charged with illegally selling cosmetic contact lenses without prescriptions. The fraud was detected by the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Operation “Cat Eyes” that targeted adulterated and misbranded contact lenses. Some of the products that were purchased in connection with this investigation were contaminated with dangerous pathogens that can cause [...]