Salt Lake City fraud recidivist gets 7 year prison sentence for $9m Telemarketing scam.

In July 2018, a career criminal from Utah received an additional seven year prison sentence. This time for a telemarketing scam. The perpetraitor, Chad Gettel, created a scam that affected more than 10,000 people. According to prosecutors, these victims suffered losses of about $9 million. Gettel was already serving prison time for a mortgage [...]

Has anything changed 10 years on from the Lehman Brothers crisis?

September 2018 marked the 10-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bank collapse. At the time,  was the fourth largest investment bank in America. But it had almost as much debt ($619 billion) as it had in assets ($639 billion). Dubbed, the “Lehman Weekend”, the world witnessed the largest bankruptcy in US history. It led to [...]

Mortgage fraud gets California native prison sentence and $10 million fine.

A man from Huntington Beach, California was found guilty of conspiracy and wire fraud. As a result he was sentenced to six years and six months in prison. He also was ordered to pay $10 million in restitution. The perpetraitor's name is Maher Obagi. He was found guilty of these charges for playing a [...]

Are you thinking about a reverse mortgage? – Think again!

Six years ago, Kenneth and Sadako Miller were struggling to pay their bills. Then they saw an advert on TV that answered their money woes. Kenneth was a disabled Vietnam Veteran and lived with his Japanese wife in Gardner, Massachusetts Both were Seniors. This was a product which promised to turn the value of [...]

Mortgage fraud—two Nevada men convicted.

Dustin Lewis and Brian Sorensen both conspired to defraud OneWest Bank. The pair allegedly planned and implemented a scheme whereby they could avoid foreclosure, and Lewis could retain ownership of his five-bedroom home in Henderson. As part of their scheme, Lewis submitted a false short sale application to OneWest Bank. This application asked bank [...]