Elderly Dutch couple arrested for $47 million tax fraud exposed by Panama Papers.

Dutch authorities arrested an elderly couple in October 2017. The names of the perpetraitors are Herman van O and Chun L . Tax fraud, money laundering, forgery and illegal banking were the reasons behind the couple's arrest. Their crimes involved over €41 million (about $47 million) total. The arrest occurred at the couple's home [...]

Three UK financial advisers exposed in Panama Papers arrested for $171 million tax fraud.

A large investigation in the UK resulted in the arrest of 3 financial advisers on July 21, 2016. The arrests came as a part of a raid by the UK's HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) authority. The perpetraitors arrest was for tax fraud. The search for the fraudsters required more than 30 officers from [...]

Italian fugitive from justice and tax fraudster arrested in Ukraine after three years on the run.

Black Sea Port police in Ukraine arrested Giuseppe Donaldo Nicosia in 2017. Nicosia is an Italian fugitive who was on the run for three years. He was on the run for stealing money and tax fraud. His crimes came to light during the Panama Papers scandal of 2016. This scandal revealed how many wealthy [...]

Fake news! Soccer star Lionel Messi “sentenced” to prison for tax fraud. Real news: He then gets off with a fine.

A Spanish court convicted soccer star, Lionel Messi of tax fraud in 2016. His conviction came after the release of the Panama Papers in the Spring of 2016. The Panama Papers are documents that were stolen and leaked to the public. The contents of these documents became a global scandal because it revealed financial [...]

Innocent people actually use offshore banking for honest reasons and here’s how.

Romania's richest man, Ion Tiriac, appeared on documents released in the Panama Papers scandal in 2016. The Panama Papers revealed how wealthy people around the world hid money to avoid paying taxes. Until 2016, these people successfully hid their money in offshore bank accounts. This strategy made it difficult to locate funds and assisted [...]

President of Chilean anti-corruption group resigns after Panama Papers scandal exposes financial skulduggery.

The President of an anti-corruption branch in Chile has stepped down. His name is Gonzalo Delaveau. Delaveau was the President of the Chilean branch of Transparency International. He resigned after the Panama Papers scandal. This scandal made over 11 million documents of confidential information public. The Panama Papers are documents that show how the [...]

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Notorious Hong Kong Kwok brothers exposed in Australian refugee camp scandal via Panama Papers.

Two billionaire brothers from Hong Kong named Thomas and Raymond Kwok were charged for bribery in 2012. After their arrest, only one of the brothers was found  guilty. That brother, Thomas Kwok received a sentence of five years in prison in 2014. Raymond Kwok was acquitted of all charges. After the sentencing of Raymond [...]

Famed British Lord Ashcroft’s Belize bank found out and fined $$$ millions in the ongoing Panama Papers scandal.

Since the release of the Panama Papers in 2016, many of the world's richest people have been exposed for tax evasion. The Panama Papers are documents that reveal how offshore bank accounts are used to hide wealth. The documents showed that avoiding taxes was one of the main reasons for these accounts. Using this [...]

Offshore banking advisors firm Mossack Fonseca enabled billionaires to bribe and then steal from poorest African countries.

Panamanian firm, Mossack Fonseca, has closed after its global tax scandal. The firm's public image was destroyed after being exposed for corruption in 2016. The truth about Mossack Fonseca became known after the release of the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers are documents stolen from the firm. After the papers were stolen they were [...]