Ironworker’s union—former leader sentenced in racketeering case.

Joseph Dougherty is a former Philadelphia union boss who was given over 19 years in prison for supervision of violence, vandalism and intimidation at non-union workplaces. Dougherty joined the union in 1966 and served as its business manager from 1998 to February 2014. Dougherty told members of Ironworkers Local 401 that they were “at [...]

Guardian defrauded over $550,000 from her wards.

April Lynn Parks is a former court-appointed financial guardian in Las Vegas. Parks was charged with stealing over $550,000 from her elderly and disabled victims in Southern Nevada. As a guardian, Parks often acted as the surrogate decision maker for her 50 to 100 elderly and mentally incapacitated wards. As their guardian, Parks had [...]