Victor Lustig—recidivist and media legend.

Victor Lustig Born on January 4, 1890 in Hostinné, now a part of the Czech Republic, Victor Lustig is favored with legend status by the media at large. For many of his frauds, he posed as a count of eastern European origins. What he really was, is a sharp little crook who enjoyed a [...]

BBC radio probe exposes major UK fraud.

Out of the blue, BBC fraud news reporter Shari Vahl got a call from a telemarketer selling a “solid” gold investment. She knew straightaway it was a scam and played along. The firm claimed to be based in London’s Hatton Garden. They “guaranteed” a return of 15% in 60 days. Like so many [...]

Contractor doubles down—cheats not just elderly, but WWII vet.

Fraud perpetrated on the elderly is an especially heinous crime, but this contractor doubled down and went after a 92-year-old World War II veteran. Francisco Gomez agreed to replace the roof on the vet's house in Virginia Beach, VA. They settled on $11,000 for the work and the vet wrote Gomez a $7,000 check [...]

Medical practitioner fraud.

Medical Professional Goes on a Mass Fraud Frenzy. Shrinks himself, his city (and profession) in just one event! Deprives thousands of sick people of $$$ millions in Medicare and Medicaid! Between autumn, 2007 and spring 2009, psychiatrist Dr. Fernando Mendez-Villamil wrote more than 96,000 prescriptions for his Medicaid patients. That's almost [...]