Research finds ad fraud on Google and Microsoft search engines

A study found that web browsers are the target for many fraudsters. The study showed that Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google Chrome had the most fraud activity. Browser fraud happens when a person's web browser is manipulated. When this happens, whoever is manipulating the browser can go to websites without the user knowing about [...]

Bitcoin investment company owner jailed for $1.23 million mass fraud scheme.

Trendon Shavers operated Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BCS&T). Shavers operated his business from his home, offering bitcoin-related investments through the internet.  Using the alias “pirateat40”, Shavers raised over 764,000 bitcoins. At the time, these were worth more than $4.5 million for his company. Using the website Bitcoin Forum, Shavers solicited investment by promising investors [...]

Cossets scam—2 convicted. Each fined 112,000 rupees.

Puneet Nanda and Rajiv Dugala formerly ran Cossets Marketing Private Limited, in the respective capacities of MD and Director. The multi-level marketing company launched in 2001, had 40 centers across India, and had enrolled 300,000 members. Investors made several complaints against the company, accusing it of large-scale fraud. Nanda and Dugala were accused of [...]

Virtual mining investment scam defrauds investors of €380,000.

B.M. Jagadeesha lured people onto his website, saying that by investing in virtual mining, they would be able to claim a 180-fold return on investment in just two years. Victims of Jagadeesha’s scam were also informed that if they introduced a new investor, 20% of their referral’s investment would be paid to them [...]

Man arrested for fraudulent $20 million property investment scheme.

Seth DePiano operated a mass fraud scheme that lured real estate investors into giving him and the businesses he controlled—The Rental Group, U.S. Funding and Home Services LLC, and Draymond Homes—over $20 million. DePiano fraudulently promised investors that he would use their money to purchase residential properties and either manage the properties for rental [...]

Wyclef Jean’s Haiti charity investigated for fraud.

Wyclef Jean Fraud Rapper, musician, and actor Wyclef Jean has been accused of stealing money from the Haitian charity he founded. The charity was founded in 2004 by a group which included the Haitian-born rapper. Wyclef at one point even pronounced the charity to be Haiti’s ‘greatest asset and ally’. The Haitian organization In [...]

Nigerian man arrested for $60 million global email scam and wire fraud.

A Nigerian fraudster known only as “Mike” stole over $60 million in a global internet scam. He is the alleged leader of a group of 40 individuals. His gang was composed of people from Nigeria, Malaysia, and South Africa. Mike and his gang sent emails compromised with malware which was scripted to take over [...]

Investors duped out of millions of dollars in fake cryptocurrency scam.

Between 2015 and 2017, OneCoin was promoted as a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and was claimed to be the second largest cryptocurrency available. This cryptocurrency was promoted by companies OneCoin Ltd in Dubai, and OneLife Netword Ltd, in Belize. Both companies were owned by Bulgarian national Ruja Ignatova. The companies held recruitment rallies and recruited [...]

Fake millionaire convicted for online pyramid scam.

Lee McKenna operated multiple schemes that promised significant earnings to customers. Customers were required to pay a small subscription fee to join McKenna’s membership and were subsequently pressured into introducing others to the scheme. Initially, customers registered for a “boot camp”, during which they were shown training videos that explained how to set up [...]

First recorded mass fraud event.

1899; William "520 Percent" Miller opened for business as the "Franklin Syndicate" in Brooklyn, New York. Miller promised 10% a week interest and exploited some of the main themes of Ponzi schemes such as customers re-investing the interest they made. He defrauded buyers out of about $1 million and was sentenced to 10 years [...]