Former pastor who defrauded the elderly of $23m gets 68 year prison sentence.

A former Texas pastor stole $23 million from the elderly through investment fraud. The perpetraitor, Timothy Lloyd Booth committed this fraud between 2014 and 2016. Before he became a full time scammer, Booth was the pastor of Way of Grace church in McKinney, Texas. Way of Grace closed its doors in 2016. During the [...]

Arizona fraudster blames opioid addictions for his telemarketing scams against the elderly.

In July 2018, Kyle Dennis received 7.5 years in prison for a telemarketing scam. This particular scam targeted the elderly. Dennis said that the reason behind his scam was his addiction to opioids. He also claimed that he used the scam to fund other personal expenses. Dennis operated the telemarketing scheme through Red Mountain [...]

How Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) created a “legitimate” multi billion dollar business out of defrauding the elderly and children.

If you were a child of the 80’s or 90’s living anywhere in the USA then you need no introduction to Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH). You may recall those iconic manilla-envelopes with bold-lettered proclamations about winning cash prizes. Often, their mailers exposed check-like printed paper through a see-through cellophane address window. Maybe you were [...]

Irish “Wolf of Wall Street” cons elderly investors out of millions.

The owner of two fake businesses in London. England was found guilty of conning investors out of nearly $4 million. Dylan Creaven is the man who ran these fake businesses. He targeted elderly investors by selling them carbon credits that didn't even exist. People and businesses usually buy carbon credits to reduce their carbon [...]

Fraud by seniors against seniors is always shockingly sad…

When it comes to fraud, elderly persons are among the most vulnerable. There are a number of schemes specifically targeted for this aging population. For this reason, industries such as home health care, mortgage loans, and law services become regular stomping grounds for fraudsters preying on senior citizens. Carol Dotson, 71, of St. Louis, [...]

Are you thinking about a reverse mortgage? – Think again!

Six years ago, Kenneth and Sadako Miller were struggling to pay their bills. Then they saw an advert on TV that answered their money woes. Kenneth was a disabled Vietnam Veteran and lived with his Japanese wife in Gardner, Massachusetts Both were Seniors. This was a product which promised to turn the value of [...]

Guardian defrauded over $550,000 from her wards.

April Lynn Parks is a former court-appointed financial guardian in Las Vegas. Parks was charged with stealing over $550,000 from her elderly and disabled victims in Southern Nevada. As a guardian, Parks often acted as the surrogate decision maker for her 50 to 100 elderly and mentally incapacitated wards. As their guardian, Parks had [...]

Contractor doubles down—cheats not just elderly, but WWII vet.

Fraud perpetrated on the elderly is an especially heinous crime, but this contractor doubled down and went after a 92-year-old World War II veteran. Francisco Gomez agreed to replace the roof on the vet's house in Virginia Beach, VA. They settled on $11,000 for the work and the vet wrote Gomez a $7,000 check [...]

Savings & loan fraud.

Charles Humphrey Keating, Jr., had an impressive resume: lawyer, banker, real estate developer, World War II pilot, champion swimmer and a church-goer. But, he'll always be remembered for the savings and loan scandal of the late 1980s. Congress relaxed several S&L industry regulations in the early 1980s, allowing savings deposits by individuals to be [...]