Owners of Chicago medical transport company sentenced for $4.7 million healthcare deceit.

Gregory Toran owned IBT Transportation LLC. with Tina Kimbrough. During their ownership, the company fraudulently overbilled the State of Illinois and Medicaid for services not rendered, or not rendered to the extent claimed, and for mileage well in excess of those actually driven. Between December 2005 and June 2011, IBT billed and received payment [...]

Trio guilty of transport fraud, costing Tracker Marine almost $1 million.

James Keith Ivey and his wife, Melinda Kay Ivey, owned J&M Trucking, Inc., a Missouri-based trucking company. In 2013, the pair were found guilty of multiple charges including fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, and making false statements to federal agents. These convictions came about after it was discovered that the husband and wife team [...]

Business owners owed UPS Freight $782,000 in freight forwarding scam.

In 2009, Dustin and Jennifer Griswold searched for businesses that were required shipping or transportation services. Dustin Griswold contacted a business in Connecticut and presented their business. Their business, he claimed, was called Harmoni Shipping, and was a multi-truck, multi-driver transportation business. He claimed that Harmoni Shipping was able to transport national and international [...]

Damco and Farrell Lines fined $3.7 million for container weight fraud.

Damco and Farrell Lines are both Maersk subsidiaries whose services were contracted by the US Transportation Command, the US Department of Defense (DoD)’s logistics unit. The contract required Damco and Farrell lines to transport cargo in and out of Afghanistan for the DoD and other government departments. The contract value was almost entirely based [...]

Family busted for 59 million rand VAT fraud.

Norman Delport, his wife Johanna, are both trustees of the Delport Family Trust and the Eden Rock Trust. Both trusts are VAT-registered for farming purposes. Between 2011 and 2014, the family trust allegedly inflated VAT claims by 15 million rand. Meanwhile, between 2011 and 2015, Eden Rock is said to have unlawfully claimed 21 [...]