State Street executive defrauded customers out of billions with hidden fees.

A federal jury in Boston convicted a former State Street executive of hidden fee fraud. State Street is a financial services and bank holding company. The perpetraitor's name is Ross McLellan. As a part of this scheme, he helped defraud account holders out of billions. McLellan was the executive vice president for State Street [...]

Man pleads guilty to wire and money laundering in massive and indiscriminate affinity fraud scheme.

A man from Utah received 36 months in prison for wire fraud and money laundering. This crime was affiliated  with an affinity fraud scheme. This type of fraud affects members of a certain group and is normally run by someone pretending to be a part of that group. The perpetraitor's name is Ronald Wayne [...]

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Salt Lake City fraud recidivist gets 7 year prison sentence for $9m Telemarketing scam.

In July 2018, a career criminal from Utah received an additional seven year prison sentence. This time for a telemarketing scam. The perpetraitor, Chad Gettel, created a scam that affected more than 10,000 people. According to prosecutors, these victims suffered losses of about $9 million. Gettel was already serving prison time for a mortgage [...]

Texas man gets 17 years in prison after fake Disney park scam.

A man from Plano, Texas was sentenced to over 17 years in prison for wire fraud. The perpetraitor's name is Thomas W. Lucas Jr. Lucas was convicted of wire fraud and for lying to the FBI. Lucas scammed investors into believing that a new Disney theme park was being built in North Texas. "Lucas [...]

Fraud by seniors against seniors is always shockingly sad…

When it comes to fraud, elderly persons are among the most vulnerable. There are a number of schemes specifically targeted for this aging population. For this reason, industries such as home health care, mortgage loans, and law services become regular stomping grounds for fraudsters preying on senior citizens. Carol Dotson, 71, of St. Louis, [...]

Tennessee woman scams nearly 100 people of travel vacations.

A travel agent is supposed to take the burden and fear out of travel. Can you imagine running out of money on your anniversary trip? Or being left stranded in an international country? These are just a sampling of the situations that clients at Rhonda’s Travel Corner had to endure. And it wasn’t just [...]

Hacker group charged with felony fraud for stealing FIFA game currency.

In September 2015, the FBI raided the homes of four men of the hacker group, Rane Developments.  Over a two year period, the four men – Anthony Clark, Nicholas Castellucci, Ricky Miller, and Eaton Zveare – rigged their gaming consoles to hack into the EA Sports game, FIFA Ultimate Team. The hacks allowed the [...]

The consequences of medical fraud—no barriers or boundaries here!

Today, mass fraud goes almost unnoticed. This one is a medical fraud with no boundaries. Every person who had their blood tested with the Theranos company over the past 15 years has had their health at risk. We may never know the amount of damage nor the number of victims caused by this fraud. [...]

Alert: The virtual kidnapping scam.

The scariest phone call any parent could ever receive is bad news about a child. There are no exceptions to this. One LE (Law Enforcement) jurisdiction after another currently issue warnings - because this fraud is spreading rapidly. It is, without doubt one of the scariest and ugliest of [...]

Maryland Laborers Union business manager and two others guilty of $1.7M+ scam.

In one of the stranger union scams, stretching from suburban Washington, D.C. to the Arab nation of Qatar, the defendants reaped what they sowed. LIUNA Local 657 represents roughly 1,500 construction workers in the Washington, D.C. area. For a while, it also served as a source of generous and illegal self-enrichment for its business [...]