Editorial Policy

Fraud is a product of greed and deception, an unfortunate evolutionary survival technique that we cannot seem to shed as we allegedly evolve. People want to get money the easy way: not by work, but by cheating those who work out of the little they have.

One may have little sympathy for investors because they seem to have more than the rest of us. So what about the poor, the education deprived, the marginalized, our seniors and the aged, even our children? Those vulnerable innocents who lose what in most cases is their wages, life savings, retirement income or often everything they ever had.

We publish these records here to help make you aware of fraud and show there is no end to it now. No end to the resourcefulness that is humanity’s darkest side. What to look for so that you can avoid becoming yet another victim.

Every fraud event is unique to the victim and part of a larger picture, the fraud frenzy we now live in.

Our published content is already documented. FraudFrenzy.com relies on trustworthy sources for reporting: newspapers or broadcast station accounts, governments, and newsletters, blogs and digital media we have vetted and believe aspire to be objective and committed to good journalism. Court records are also used. In addition, we will take a commonsense  approach in separating the reality from BS.

We are here to expose all frauds for what they are. We welcome submissions of documented cases we may have missed or have not yet reported.

Our objective is active fraud prevention through education. It won’t happen on its’ own, so your help or support will always be appreciated.

Thanks and good luck!

The Editors,