Fraud Events

These are documented summaries of (major) fraud events as they happened.

The information will explain how people get caught up in and often unknowingly support frauds.

There are many classic examples here. Prepare to be impressed at the ugly creativity of these crooks!

Who are you calling a (price) gouger?

  In June 2008, Electronic Arts, Inc (EA) was the subject of a national class-action lawsuit. EA is the company behind popular sports games such as Madden NFL, NCAA Football, and Arena Football. The lawsuit claimed that EA violated antitrust laws. Antitrust laws protect customers from unfair competition tactics by businesses and corporations. In this case, EA had exclusive [...]

E.A. sued for false advertising, fraud, and theft.

E.A. investors are now suing the gaming giant, Electronic Arts, for false advertising. EA supposedly promised great results for Battlefield 4, their new game. This raised the E.A. stock but E.A. did not do their job well. After Battlefield 4 came out, problems with the game were seen right away. Players hit the internet and social media to complain. [...]

MumboJumbo wins lawsuit against PopCap to the tune of 4.6 million dollars.

MumboJumbo and PopCap used to be business partners. Basically, PopCap made games and MumboJumbo would sell and distribute the games to places like Wal-Mart, ToysRUs, Game Stop, and Best Buy. PopCap decided that they could do MumboJumbo’s job and began to work in that direction which left MumboJumbo high and dry. A Dallas jury agreed and found that PopCap [...]

Individual defrauds Sony out of almost a million dollars.

In a new twist, an ex-employee of Sony stole about 750,000 from the company with help from a friend. Xavier Gusman worked for Sony at the time. He checked the copyrights to make sure they were correct before Sony paid for them. That was probably where he thought about the idea, along with his pal, Daniel Lachacha. Mr. Lachacha [...]

BBC radio probe exposes major UK fraud.

Out of the blue, BBC fraud news reporter Shari Vahl got a call from a telemarketer selling a “solid” gold investment. She knew straightaway it was a scam and played along. The firm claimed to be based in London’s Hatton Garden. They “guaranteed” a return of 15% in 60 days. Like so many similar scams, this offer would [...]

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The great union scam—scandalous salaries for leaders.

“The income inequality that exists in this country is a disgrace,” stated AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in his May 2016 statement on executive pay. And Trumka is only one of many union leaders who rail against the evil "1%" who, they claim, exploit the other 99% for their wealth and power. And they’re right. There is a wealthy elite [...]


Hawaii state sues company for failed $14 million project.

In 2008, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) hired Colorado-based Ciber Inc. to upgrade its 20-year-old accounting system, and to automate project reporting that cost millions in federal funds. In 2015, the Governor terminated the contact. Ciber had collected more than $8 million in fees from the State for the financial accounting system transportation project. However, HDOT claims that [...]

Edwin Fujinaga and other MRI International executives accused of $1.5 billion financial fraud.

Edwin Fujinaga Fraud Edwin Fujinaga, Junzo Suzuki, and Paul Suzuki were executives of MRI International, a US-based business that began selling products in Japan in 1998. Between 2009 and 2013, the trio solicited more than $1.5 billion, mainly from Japanese residents, by promising to buy accounts receivable from medical companies at a discount, and by recouping the full value [...]

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The corruption of union leadership.

The reign of union power, as seen in the McClellan Record, is marked by coercion at its beginning, and corruption at its end. The process begins with the use of compulsion to secure members. After that, unions use different coer­cive methods to bind unwilling employees to the union. After a union has witnessed the use­fulness of coercion in increasing [...]


Pretorian Guard fraud (193 A.D.).

A special army supposedly loyal to the emperor Praetorian Guard was a unit of the Imperial Roman Army, dating back to the second century, BC. They were considered the elite of Roman soldiers. During unrest in the Roman Empire, the Praetorian Guard killed the emperor and offered the emperorship to the highest bidder. The "winner" was Julianus, who came up [...]

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