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Course Modules is education for life because it creates fraud awareness which in turn gives you a much better quality of life. You don’t need to understand fraud to beat it, but you have to know what it is.This course will guide you in the simplest and fastest way possible to become fraud aware.It is designed and developed around intuitive DoI (Delivery of Information) without using deep math to explain how fraud functions. Teens to seniors will comprehend and benefit hugely from this education. As will educators and law enforcement professionals. covers all the fraud prevention essentials. Modules include The Fraudsters’ Toolkit, Fraud Structures, The Fraud Line, The Fraud Milestones, Rules of the Con, Internet fraud & numerous prevention strategies.

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David Tracey

I was a child of the 50’s and a teen in the 60’s. Started working life early and reluctantly. Now single after 25 years of marriage, I have raised and educated a family of three boys in Dublin, Ireland. From my first gigs as a rock ‘n’ roll roadie cum DJ, through management and ultimately to a career in international property development. With plenty of action in between, I have lived life to the full. I will make the best of what it offers today and love every minute of it!career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

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Read honest reviews from folks who have already taken the course.

Elena Siderova

“As an online worker in different medias, I have never imagined I would need a fraud prevention course, as I considered myself pretty well backed- up with knowledge. But when I saw the course, I got instantly curious. Would there be anything more that I could potentially learn? Then I took it, and my mind was totally blown away. This product altered my mind-set for fraud and gave me the real perspective!”-E.S, Multimedia Designer

Deyan Peychev

“As a manager to a IT Computer service company, my clients experience constant clients`complaints for internet fraud and fake products. I looked for a fraud protection course or education, that I could offer them, and also try it myself. I found FP101.NET and their online interactive course. It really revealed the internet world of fraud that we live in and do not even realize!”-D.Peychev, Manager at FOX COMPUTERS LTD.

Tiffany Williams

As an educator and a mother, safety is always one of my utmost concerns. So, I took the FP101 course for reassurance and as a refresher. But it was so much more than that. It was a full-fledged eye-opening experience. Since taking the course, I have flagged several scams and have even helped others report fraud. I feel empowered and protected. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

Antimo K. Puca 

“At first I thought why take this course as we all know what fraud is. Well I was wrong, after taking this course I learned it is not black and white like I once thought. There is so much more to fraud, most importantly I discovered how fraud can be present in the little things that we do every day. I really enjoyed the detail and content of the course and I feel that it would be beneficial to everyone. After completing the course I now have a totally different view on how fraud can find its way into my daily life.”
-Antimo K. Puca Engineer/Producer 

Angela Manevska

As an accounting graduate, I thought I knew everything about fraud, so I was skeptical at first about taking this course, thinking it will only tell me things I already know. But I was so wrong. Instead, I found out about different aspects of fraud, some I wouldn’t even think of. We often think of fraud as something foreign, something that can’t happen to us, but we fail to realize that with the Internet, it’s a constant threat to every single one of us. We might even be a victim of fraud without realizing it.

Now I feel that I’m equipped with tools that can help me not only prevent fraud but fight against it too. The course wasn’t only educational, but it was also fun to do, and it required almost no time to finish. The questions at the end of each part were a great way to repeat and remember the most important aspects so when we are faced with a fraud, we know how to recognize it and react to it.

I honestly am so grateful to David Tracey for sharing his expertise and teaching me how to protect myself from fraud. This has been a great investment of time and money! Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Indre Giedraityte

As I was taking this course, a friend reached out after getting caught by a pop-up scam on the internet. This is an example that any type of fraud does not discriminate – we are all sure to encounter it at various times in our lives. I feel that taking the FP 101 course has prepared me for real life fraud situations by identifying the many ways it represents itself.
I have now gained a very clear understanding of how fraud shows itself and adapts to the changes in society and technology, I believe I now have the tools to protect myself and those close to me from a fraud situation.
I really enjoyed the learning experience because this course is structured in a way to fit into a busy lifestyle. It uses a simple language that can be understood by someone who doesn’t have a big education. This is a quality education product for a modern person. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who is worried about getting caught in a fraud.

Lori Moore

My main reason for taking this course was that I wanted some skills to add to my repertoire, but I came away with much more than that. With a background in military, finance, and healthcare, I have taken classes before that touch on fraud in a specific area. This course focused on every aspect of fraud you may come against, whether personally or professionally. As someone who has had their ID and social security stolen in the past, I thought I was doing enough to protect myself. Now I know there is more I should be going.

As a leader in business, we always ask participants for one main career takeaway from coursework. My main takeaway was the acronym F.E.E. for deal-making [Funding – Execution – Exit]. That is knowledge I can pass on to fellow employees. With the evolving digital-age we live in, criminals are becoming more devious. Never leave your business (or life) vulnerable. I recommend this course to business operations personnel especially. However, head of households and family members would learn needed information as well. Fraud can forever change your life – don’t let it become your reality! Be fraud aware. Take this course and protect your business and individual future!

Vanessa Ronan

FP101* does what it says on the tin! This three plus hour course is a wonderful introduction
to the world of fraud. What can at first seem a dense and frightening topic is explained in clear precise
language that is easy to understand. Short lessons keep the subject matter approachable, allowing the
newly acquired knowledge to sink in, and the brief tests at the end of each section make sure
knowledge is gained rather than glossed over. Each lesson is clearly titled allowing for easy
movement should one want to look back at a particular part of the course, and the seminar is truly all-
inclusive, covering a wide array of topics ranging from Ponzi schemes to the more modern dangers of
internet scams, touching on all possible fraudulent perils in-between!
There is a sense of humour throughout FP101* that adds a surprising element of lightness to
what might otherwise seem a very dry topic. This constant wittiness and use of metaphor helps keep
the lessons fast-paced and the injections of humour draw us away from the grey border area of
moodiness the word “fraud” initially evokes, instead allowing us to chuckle our way to new
knowledge. Clever, colourful animated graphics further aid this, adding a pleasing visual element. The
author/narrator Dave Tracy comes across as very well-informed, sincere, and on-the-ball with every
topic he covers.
This seminar is especially ideal for those first setting off in life that need to protect
themselves from the perils they will encounter in the “real world.” It would also equally benefit the
older market, educating themselves on the new dangers in this ever-changing globe. All in all, if you
are interested in learning about fraud and how to protect yourself from it, FP101* could be the course
for you!

Vanessa Ronan is the critically acclaimed author of
“The Last Days of Summer” and is available on

Ashley Duncan

Even though I consider myself fraud aware and technologically savvy, I knew there was more to learn about fraud and preventing fraud, and as the course states, education is prevention.  I found this course to well organized, quick, and user friendly; as well the added benefit of the topic quizzes give you accountability to keep progressing and track your progress. This course taught me there is more to fraud than I originally thought; I learned about mass fraud, fraud associated with online games and apps, and the anatomy of a perpetrator. Another idea that really hit home after taking this course was that fraud is the ultimate deception that leads to loss and betrayal. I am so thankful for the new knowledge I gained from this course; I know that I can apply this knowledge in my personal and professional life. – Ashley Duncan, Educational Technology professional