Course Preview

Fraud Prevention (FP)101

An eCourse in personal fraud protection through awareness.


The groundbreaking online fraud prevention course delivers fraud awareness very effectively to individuals and groups.

FP101 enables anyone over 14 years old to become fraud aware. This certified course is fully interactive and available online. The cost comes at a fraction of any other fraud prevention education out there. Period.

Researched, written and produced over four years by former auctioneer and international property developer, David Tracey. This is a precisely  delivered educational course that early graduates have described as “life-changing” and even “entertaining”.

Fraud (prevention) is a very tough subject for most people to grasp at any level. This fact was at the heart of the creative process for this product. At the core of FP101 is the belief that a fraud education should be accessible to all. Thus, the entire course is written at a 6th-grade level with animations and graphics to create easy absorption. We have applied a new, simple and easy to understand approach to fraud awareness: “To beat fraud, you really dont have to understand it, you just have to know what it is.”

This course includes a summary history of fraud, the disguises, its’ structures, how it functions, and how to have the mindset to drastically reduce your exposure to it. We’re not saying this product will cure our fraud frenzy, but it is a vital step to becoming fraud aware. It really is all about the enablement of people to protect themselves on their terms.

Here we give you a preview of what’s in store during this great course:

Lesson 1: 3 Key Steps for Fraud Prevention

Lesson 3: A clinical anatomy of fraud. (The fraud diamond)

Lesson 7: The (fraud) step line.

Lesson 30: Fraud players and their roles.

FP101 Lessons and Parts

69 Lessons
20 Parts
20 Tests
1 The three key steps for your (personal) fraud protection.
2 What is fraud? – some definitions.
3 A clinical anatomy of fraud (The fraud diamond).
4 Anatomy of a perpetraitor.
5 The perpetraitors’ anatomy of fraud.
6 Anatomy of fraud – consequences.
7 The (fraud) step line.
8 A fraud history: Milestones to the fraud frenzy we live in
9 The John Law bank fraud.
10 William “520 Percent” Miller
11 1920; Boston, Charles Ponzi.
12 How Mass Fraud (aka Ponzi Schemes) Works
13 The Mass Fraud Cycle (in 8 or less) steps
14 Warning signs and prevention.
15 From Ponzi to Pyramid — it’s all (scalable) mass fraud.
16 Chain letters, aka “make money fast!” etc.
17 Why do folks think chain letters actually work!?
18 1925: Victor Lustig, fraud recidivist.
19 Victor Lustig’s rules of the con.
20 Late 50’s: The “quiz show scandals”.
21 Late 50’s:  Amway arrives.
22 The unprecedented growth of our fraud culture.
23 1987; Boesky and Milken, Wall Street fraud insiders.
24 1989; US Savings and Loans Fraud.
25 1997; Albanian government is overthrown.
26 2008: The Madoff family fraud.
27 Lehman’s Bank Collapse.
28 The Irish banking (cluster) fraud – created THREE generations of national debt.
29 Active frauds.
30 Fraud players and their roles.
31 The (Multi Level Marketing) MLM business model.
32 Robert L. FitzPatrick.
33 The scale of  MLM fraud.
34 MLM identifiers: the products & branding.
35 The MLM Recruiting Pitch
36 The MLM Promises and Lies.
37 MLM cults and cultures.
38 The MLM endgame.
39 The Internet (fraud by AI – Artificial Intelligence).
40 The Top Internet Frauds.
41 Identity (ID) Theft.
42 Identity (ID) Theft Methods. How to deal with ID theft.
43 Email fraud & Phishing.
44 Freemium fraud (aka Freemiums or Freemium Games).
45 The size and scale of Freemium Fraud.
46 The art of the steal: The $100 button rip-off.
47 Freemim fraud: The Game changers.
48 Freemium fraud; The Set-up.
49 The Freemium fraud psychology. The dopamine effect.
50 The Gaming Addiction
51 Freemium Fraud Summary.
52 Nigerian Letter/419 Letter/Advance Fee frauds.
53 Lottery frauds.
54 Fake (Internet) Auctions.
55 Penny Auctions Explained.
56 Educational and Academic fraud.
57 Fake Jobs and (more) Training frauds.
58 Fraud against our seniors and aged.
59 The top senior and aged frauds
61 Prevention 101; 8 Key Strategies
62 Dealing with lies and liars.
63 Types of Lies
64 Our acceptance of Lies
65 Identifying lies.
66 How to handle Lies and Liars
67 Lighting the Beacons.
68 The fraud curve; the next 5 years.
69 FP 101 – The one minute summary.

Fraud Prevention (FP)101

Some endorsements from our reviews..

“Working on this project (FP101) was a real eye-opener and I believe it will
be a great life changing experience for anyone who completes it”

“I am so thankful for the new knowledge I gained from this course (FP101)”
-Ashley Duncan, Educational Technology Professional.

“What can at first seem a dense and frightening topic is explained here in
clear precise language that is easy to understand”
-Vanessa Ronan, best selling author of ““The Last Days of Summer”.

This product (FP101) altered my mind-set for fraud and gave me the real
-E.S, Multimedia Designer

“I recommend this course (FP101) to business operations personnel
-Lori Moore, ex-Military & Healthcare Professional.

“This (FP101) is a quality education product for a modern person. I have no
hesitation in recommending this course to anyone”
-Indre Giedraityte

“The course (FP101) wasn’t only educational, but it was also fun to do”
-Angela Manevska, Accounting Graduate

“After completing the course (FP101) I now have a totally different view on
how fraud can find its way into my daily life”
-Antimo K. Puca Engineer/Producer

“Since taking the course (FP101), I have flagged several scams and have
even helped others report fraud. I feel empowered and protected”
-Tiffany Williams, writer and editor.

For me, this course (FP101) really revealed the internet world of fraud that
we live in and do not even realize!”
-D.Peychev, Manager at FOX COMPUTERS LTD.