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FP101 Mentor Program.

(The FP101 (7x) win-win-win-win-win-win-win opportunity!)

The fraud prevention 101 mentoring program has come out of what we know about fraud and its’ prevention.

From the feedback received, we have learned that people certainly don’t like and many fear the fraud topic. The public at large just don’t willingly engage with the subject at any level. We believe the main reason for this is because fraud has become so prevalent and powerful they are intimidated by it. With this fraud prevention Mentor Program they can be guided into and through the FP101 course by someone they know and can trust.

We ran a short survey about a year ago and we also learned from this that most people (over 70% of general population) don’t really know what fraud is or how it functions. This is probably the main reason for such a comprehensive vulnerability to fraud activity globally. It is also the reason why fraud crime has such a low report rate.

So here’s the mentoring win-win-win-win-win-win-win (7x) specifically.

An exclusive mentoring discount.

The cost of our course is now $250. A mentor can offer an exclusive and immediate 20% discount to their clients by issuing a mentor discount code. Then we split the remaining $200, $100 each. We already have the tech side covered. This is all about encouragement and moral support to get users to certification. For technical and legal reasons, payment to mentors will be made 30 days after initial buyer payment. If too many buyers register for the course but do not complete it, the mentor license will be reviewed.


The “non profit” FP101 scholarship program

We also have launched a scholarship program that makes the course available for a $40 administration fee to people working in non profit jobs such as first responders and law enforcement, military, public health service, government staff, retired seniors, charity workers, unemployed jobseekers and so on. Mentors will be authorized to sponsor suitable persons for these scholarships, however, the online application process must be completed. Currently we are limited to 100 “active” scholarships courses at any given time, so people should be encouraged to complete the course which can be reviewed anytime for up to 12 months after registration.


Creating fraud awareness.

FP101 creates fraud awareness and empowers anyone against fraud who completes the course. We have found that people struggle to start the course, but are genuinely delighted with themselves when they finish. Truth be told, this is simple and easy to do, but a tough learning curve for some. The reasons are psychological. That’s why we call this a “tough love” product.

Fraud prevention certification.

This course is certified and is a great addition to any resume. According to several for profit fraud and crime forensics educational organizations, fraud awareness adds anything from a 20% to 50% to the value of an employee, depending on where they work and level of responsibility.


Better client relationships.

Mentoring people through the course creates a solid basis for an ongoing and long term relationship and builds confidence in the mentors’ other products or offerings.


An extra income stream.

We estimate that the mentoring process should not take longer than an hour per user. Our experience is that we have had to spend less than half that time getting people through the course and some just churn through it addictively. There is also a chat button on the bottom left of the screen where users can ask and get immediate answers to their questions as they work through the course, so no technical issues will arise.

The public relations opportunity.

Offering a “free” scholarship to certain sections of society and communities will be seen as a “giving back” endeavor by our Mentors and will score some good PR which is always very useful. We’re open to getting this product out to people who will benefit and are open to all suggestions and ideas in this area.

There are many other benefits that come with any genuine mentoring project. It is also worth noting that FP101 is a one time product exclusively. There is no up-sell or special interest or alternative marketing agenda. Nor will there be. This creates more confidence in our product. Our only aim is fraud awareness for everybody and this goes a long way to protecting people from the fraud frenzy we live in.

Who are our mentors?

We’re looking for people with a law enforcement or (cyber) security background. Also professional or active educators and trainers. Our ideal mentor is fraud aware and is already providing security, educational and training or coaching services. They are already using an existing business channel and will have an existing web presence.

We are very anxious to get this product out to those who need it the most, so access to the course is always negotiable. Naturally, we will protect our brand and only work with people who want to help others have a better quality of life – which is what you get with personal fraud awareness.

Finally and this is important. The course covers a huge number of topics and issues with brevity. By way of course notes and further information, we use our website, to support the course with detailed information about most of the fraud events mentioned. This allows course graduates to follow through. It also allows our mentors to provide additional information about current fraud events that will educate and inform.

More about the FP101 course here. 

You can apply to become a Mentor here