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What is the first rule of negotiation?

Negotiations, Satchmo and me. “There came then one of the most surreal moments that I have ever known — and there have been a few.” I have a very early memory of falling in love with “Satchmo”. I was one of those kids who, from the minute I learned to walk, could show up just about anywhere. It was a chilly January evening in 1960 and I was on my way to the nearby newsagents on a short errand. Passing the only electrical store in the town, I spotted this big, sweaty guy on the display black and white TV blasting away on his trumpet for all he was worth. For some reason, I could not resist this vision and waltzed into the store as only a four and a half year old kid will and straight into the window display to turn up the volume. I was mesmerized by this guy until the song he was belting out (“When the Saints go Marching in”) finished and from that day to this, the pure charisma of Louis Armstrong has always held me in a warm and rapturous spell. Even now, he remains the greatest person I never met and I have met many in a life full of adventure. Fast forward sixteen years to another freezing winter evening in January 1976 on the brow of a hill in [...]

Hurricane Florence has come and gone, but its fraud crime will just be getting started.

Wherever disaster strikes there will be fraudsters eager to take advantage of the situation. Hurricane Florence will be no exception. On Friday, September 14th 2018, North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Florence. For nearly two weeks, news outlets tracked the tropical cyclone. This provided time for many residents living in its trajectory to follow emergency plans. Despite this, many people were trapped or lost their lives during the disaster. Currently, at least 37 people have lost their lives in the storm. But human casualties aren’t the only losses. Many animals also perished including pets and livestock. Over three million chickens and more than five thousand hogs died. Tens of thousands of people are now displaced in a region with minimal housing options. It is expected that as much as $13 billion in damages will result from the storm. Needless to say, relief aid is necessary and many generous folks will be quick to help.  Hurricane Florence donation lines are being publicized. High profile celebrities have begun to chip in as well. Michael Jordan has even already donated $2 million dollars to relief efforts. But be advised that major disasters are prime times for charity scams. Last month, several crooks were sentenced for defrauding London’s Grenfell Tower fire. Fraudsters benefited from free housing, wardrobe, food, and travel allowances. Some of this charity was even used to fund [...]

How A-B-C, “Always Be Closing” became a cultural shift and a red flag for fraud.

Here’s how avoiding this popular catchphrase can be a powerful fraud prevention tool. The ABC of sales arrived somewhere in the late fifties with the arrival of washing machines and new types of consumer finance. Every (sales) person worth a grain of salt has applied this ideology at some point in their lives. Highlighted in the film adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross, “Always Be Closing”, it quickly became the official mantra in all types of hard selling. (Those of us who transitioned early into the art of the soft sell in those days were a gifted breed!).   The movie centers around four really desperate real estate salesmen who resort to all kinds of trickery and deception to make a sale. They are informed from “uptown” by a riveting Alex Baldwin that their jobs are gone. This is how the pep talk starts. The only way they can save them is by closing deals. Baldwin’s delivery of this now famous “Always Be Closing, (ABC)” monologue relives the boiler room environment perfectly—right down to “second prize is a set of steak knives”. For people who have to work for a living. The movie's message is that making money by any means trumps everything in this, our capitalistic economy. This is where focusing on quick profits is hotly pursued in a positive light. Material wealth is [...]

Want to add sparkle, character, and real employee value to your resume? Here’s how!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is a well known and life changing fact: the reason most people pay close attention to resume writing. It’s an industry that LinkedIn has successfully taken to a new level. For many, it’s the first step into the real world. Jobseekers don’t always consider how fraud prevention is a necessary and often urgent investment need for most employers, big or small. It’s a priority for some, especially those operating in retail and services. If any employer were asked if they preferred a fraud aware candidate over an average candidate, you could easily guess their answer. Our certified online interactive fraud prevention course, FP101, can give you a level of fraud awareness that will impress any prospective employer. Completing our course will show the following positive traits and abilities: Self-management. Willingness to learn and develop. Problem solving and decision making skills. Resilience and determination. Fraud awareness and responsibility. Value added educational qualification.   Other additional benefits include confidence building, personal security and much more. You can read all about it at www.FP101.net where we have articles, blogs and videos. We believe in the idea that an entry level fraud prevention education such as this should be made available to anyone who really wants it. Thats why our business model includes a scholarship program. This program [...]

Is whistleblowing and loss prevention the same thing?

Everything you should know about whistleblowers, but did not know what to ask. What is the highest and best use (HBU) of a whistleblower? A whistleblower (WB) is a person who reports bad or illegal conduct from within an organization. Most countries have laws to protect WBs. Whistleblowing is a superior tool for fraud and loss prevention, deficiency, and dishonesty. Many such cases have been exposed by workers who reported events to employers, regulators or the press. Especially fraud and child abuse. It is known and generally accepted that more cases of fraud and corruption are exposed by WBs than any other method, even law enforcement or the media. So whistleblowing is a very powerful tool for loss prevention generally. It’s just a matter of using it right for it to be a huge benefit to us all. Savvy employers will use open dialogue in the workplace. They see the value of being aware of mistakes or wrongdoing at an early stage. This creates the chance to fix problems quickly before they fester and get worse. “In business as in life it is never a case of things not going wrong: it all comes down to how to deal with matters when they do go badly”. This is a mark of personal skill and flexibility. So whistleblowing is by far the sharpest and most useful tool [...]

The US Federal Loan Fraud “Forgiveness” Program.

How tens of thousands of young people have spent over a decade working their way through a loan forgiveness plan that they will NEVER get.  Student loan debt is a harsh and ugly reality in the United States. The average US student borrower won’t be able to pay back their loan until after they reach 40 years of age. 44 was the magic number for former President Barack Obama. He famously didn’t pay off his student loan debt until age 44, just before taking office as the 44th US President. So, none but the rich and privileged are immune to this crisis—for surely this is what it is. The current outstanding US student loan debt is a staggering $1.5 trillion. Many young professionals begin their careers with a six-figure personal debt. A huge and unfair milestone to start out in life with. It’s a fact that has many in America considering if a higher education is even worth the price any more. Many still choose to study and earn degrees at enormous personal cost. Some do so with the expectation of selecting a post-graduate career in public service. A 10-year career in public service comes attached with promises of full loan forgiveness. It is an attractive deal that many have built their careers around. Sadly, the vast majority of these professionals probably won’t see their debt [...]

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