The Mortgage Handbook – A Consumer Guide.

By David Tracey


PRESS RELEASE: Las Vegas, USA, 9th July 2019.


Published by The Learning Store Limited, Dublin, Ireland.

Available across Kindle and all platforms from Tuesday July 9th. 2019



This book is written exclusively for a market niche. Ideal for first time home buyers and young couples before they jump into a lifetime of debt. Sure, there are hundreds and even thousands of such books already out there on this subject, but none are “easy read” ebooks that come in under 14,000 words. This little gem comes in with a below 8th grade reading level (Flesh-Kincaid) and a rated 70+ readability score. No corporate sponsorship or input here – this is strictly a great consumer product. Early reviews of the book are very positive and readers are delighted with the content.


“I was delighted with the ease and clarity this book opens up the serious subject of long term personal debt”



The Author of “The Mortgage Handbook” is a former auctioneer and international property developer with almost 40 years of business deals. David Tracey is now (and always) an aspiring writer in his 60s now living in Ireland and has committed himself entirely to educating consumers about preventing mass fraud and the issues around it.


David has written and produced a certified 3 hour interactive course on fraud prevention, The reviews are all positive and users even described this course as “life-changing”. The supporting website educates readers with true crime fraud stories pulled from the headlines and explained in simple detail – without the numbers.


“I’m very pleased with The Mortgage Handbook”, says David “it’s a great to be first into market with a really useful consumer product”.


Many existing US home mortgages written nowadays often end up as worthless to the person who pays it off. It’s not unusual for a borrower to end up with little or nothing after 20, 30 or even more years of monthly payments. This book will make


readers aware of the all the main mortgage traps and frauds. It covers all the essential topics including mortgage types, the foreclosure process, Rent-to-own and of course, a chapter covering mortgage fraud prevention.


This book enables an informed decision about a life changing situation. Serious personal debt. We’ve seen the consequences of “bad” mortgages too many times in recent history. To be informed about how mortgages work is a life essential skill for anyone who works for a living.


“This book is also about keeping the roof over your head”.


Wherever in the world you decide to park yourself, a mortgage deed is only a complex financial instruments only if you allow it to be. Most of the credible books and writings you read about any financial matter is academic, technical or a grand spin from lenders and heaven knows who else is trying sell you on something. The mortgage lending business is a huge and profitable industry where production never stops – and barely pauses during a property crash.


“Mortgages are a well established honey pot of professional fees”.


There is still a very large section of society who aspire to owning a tiny fraction of our wonderful Earth. There is really no place like your own home!


“The Mortgage Handbook” will be available through Amazon Kindle and all major bookselling platforms from Tuesday 9th July. A special three day launch and review price of $0.82 will apply. Also available for download on


A special promotional package of 100 trade paperbacks with individual cover branding will also be available exclusively to Realtors across the country. A great opportunity to build trust with new clients through transparency. Details are also on the website.


*A Spanish version is currently in production.


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